Christian Nationalism – A New Weapon Of The Left

judeo-christian-belief.png?profile=RESIZE_400x(submitted by an anonymous member) America was founded upon Judeo-Christian values and is the heart of our laws and society, from the Ten Commandments proudly displayed on the emblem on the oak doors leading into the Supreme Court chamber to the congressional opening prayer. Judeo-Christian values are embedded in our Republic. However, currently, political leaders are exploiting religious beliefs for their gain by attacking the powerful underpinning of our nation.

Those who fight against all America stands for must degrade and destroy the biblical values that made our nation great and which keeps it great.

A tool of the neo-Confederates is to mislabel, exaggerate, and falsely accuse, twisting time-tested standards into a foul mess of confused and misleading demagoguery, perverting wholesome values into a contaminated portrayal of purity.

Such is the case with Christian Nationalism. This is nothing less than a direct attack on Jewish and Christian standards but have no trouble selectively using Judeo-Christian values to support their agendas, misrepresenting the core principles of these teachings.

Short list of political-theological perversions:

- "Jesus emphasized love and compassion; therefore, endorsing socialist policies is justified."

- "It is our responsibility to protect the Earth as stewards entrusted by G*d; installing Climate Change legislation is a divine mandate."

- Loving one another and brotherly love have been twisted into a sexual perversion of same-sex marriage, homosexuality, and relabeling perversion into normality.

- "G*d loves a cheerful giver," frequently used to support the idea of redistributing wealth.

- Loving America being rebranded into nationalism

…and the list goes on. This is nothing less than the weaponization of Judeo-Christian teaching.

Although biblical principles highlight generosity, environmental stewardship, and mercy, using them selectively to advance political agendas is misleading. However, the Christian New Testament emphasizes voluntary, heartfelt giving rather than forced redistribution by governments.

Moreover, distorting biblical teachings on law and order is equally worrisome. Adhering to the teachings of the Bible, it is important to remember the significance of justice and order alongside obedience to governing authorities. It stresses the importance of maintaining moral values within society.

Unfortunately, certain individuals misuse religious language to promote controlling policies, creating confusion between compassion and fairness, and between forgiveness and responsibility. By distorting biblical teachings, they conceal the genuine meaning of religious principles for their benefit.

Truly, righteousness and truth embody a comprehensive grasp of divine teachings and moral principles, rather than a cherry-picked interpretation to fit political agendas. Emphasizing the importance of following G*d's commandments, a life in alignment with truth and righteousness is highlighted in biblical texts.

In the end, using Judeo-Christian values for political gain weakens the credibility of both religion and government. It's crucial for individuals to understand the core principles of religious teachings and ensure politicians are held responsible for exploiting faith for their benefit.

(This article was submitted by a member who chooses to remain anonymous and they asked me to rewrite it for them.)    Glad to do it! -Steve

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  • The marxists have twisted and perverted many passages of Scripture to do their bidding and too many who profess to be Christians but have no real clue are being deceived by satan hinself to support evil goals while rationalizing that they are doing "righteous" deeds, which they certainly are not!!!!!!!!!!

  • You are attempting to rewrite history, much like the Democrats regularly do.

    The United States was absolutely NOT founded on "Judeo"-Christian values. No Jews were among the pilgrims, no Jews signed the Declaration of Independence, the document that describes the very essence of this country. In fact the term Judeo-Christian was not even coined until the 19th century and then it was used as a political term to describe Jewish converts to Christianity. Rather offensive to many devout Jews. 

    Judaism and Christianity are two diametrically opposed religions. Rabbi Eliezer Berkovitz wrote that "Judaism is Judaism because it rejects Christianity, and Christianity is Christianity because it rejects Judaism". The answer in a nutshell.

    Lumping them together, in an attempt to show some type of solidarity among those who are not of the Muslim faith only tends to denigrate both Judaism and Christianity.

    • You are an idiot, the founder of Christianity, Jesus Christ, was a Jew and every tenet of Christianity was drawn from Juwish beliefs!!!!!  Without Judeism Christianity would not exist!!!!!!!!!!


    • Southern Dude...

      God is not a respecter of persons... He doesn't see in Black and White... God sees man in the full spectrum of His Word and Light... It is impossible to please God without faith... all the good works in the world are but empty vessels, the vanity of mankind, unless they are conceived in FAITH.

      It is with the HEART the born-again man makes his confession of faith in God... not the feigned words of man's ... tongue.  Salvation is not found in the vain recital of empty words, they save no one. They are the works of the flesh. The mythical incantation of "Al·la·hu Ak·bar' serves only to compound one's error and rebellion....  God doesn't want your mouth or the feigned words of your tongue... He wants your free expression of faith and love... even as our earthly fathers want... God wants to inhabit your praise to share His being with us all... One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism into the household of God...

      God doesn't see men as Jews, Christians, or heathens... He sees us as vessels for His Spirit... temples made without hands... There are only two kinds of humans on Earth... believers and nonbelievers.

    • You couldn't be more wrong... Jesus Christ was a Jew... A Rabbi of renown and fame in His earthly ministry.  All of the original Apostles (founders) of the Christian faith, were devout Jews... Christianity is the fulfillment of God's order in the Earth for all of mankind. It is the perfect will of God revealed thru the life of Jesus Christ, the Messiah... as depicted in the Holy Bible that all of mankind may believe in Him and be saved.

      HThe Muslim faith denies its very root in Judaism... in the Abrahamic Covenant... Islam is in error and opposes God's order for mankind. Isaac was the child of the promise.   He was born of faith to Sarah at an age when it was impossible to conceive, without an act of God. Isaac is the seed of FAITH and the promise... Ishmale is the seed of the flesh and rebellion... unbelief.

    • Ron, spot on once again!!!!!!!!!!


    • PS

      The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is the God of Israel and the Christian... One must note that Ishmael is not listed in the lineage of the Creator... the one true God. Ishmael was born of a bondservant and is the seed of the flesh... under bondage to the natural order of mankind.   

      The Christian is a new creation... born of the SPIRIT we are no longer under bondage to the flesh... we are born again spirits made after the image of God and Adam BEFORE THE FALL.  ur obedience to God is voluntary and eternal... unlike the bondservant whose loyalty and love are conditional and tied to the flesh... which has been corrupted.

      I would encourage you to reexamine your faith and its source... read the Word of God  and let it have its perfect work in you... Be born again, a new creation, made after the image and likeness of Jesus Christ an heir and joint heir with the Son of God... and know the gift of God to all who will believe upon the name of Jesus Christ the Son of God and the Messiah... revealed by faith to all those who would by faith receive the gift of God and His plan of salvation.

    • And yet, it is Christians who know the Word and stand for Israel. 

    • IMO - Judeo/Christian values are the values held by Jews and Christians which make up the bulk of America and was the wishes of the member I rewrite the article for. 

      Thank you for your post. 

  • Well said and cogent to the times... let us put on the full armor of God and resist the Devil ... as he must llee before the righteous ... There is no weapon formed that can stand before the well-equipped man of God.  Let us therefore stand, putting on the full armor of God... being clothed with the righteousness of God's Word... to challenge the enemies of our faith, wherever and whenever they appear.

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