• The Communist News Network (CNN) has long since lost all credibility, viewers, and Neilson ratings because of outright lies and fabrications to facitlitate their communist narrative.  Ted Turner's attempt to subvert America reaching back to the days of his one-time wife, Hanoi Jane, have exposed him and his propaganda machine to the world.

  • So John Harwood claims that a number of new jobs in July, completely eclipses the voluminous fiat currency notes of the Federal reserve the Country is awash in, creating a state where more "money" is chasing fewer goods, the classic definition of inflation. But he hedges about inflation in the immediate future. Can deep recession be far behind?

    Well Hardy-Har-Harwood.


  • I wonder what they will be calling the recession if Trump was in office, the issue would be 24/7 with this idiots 

  • CNN reality check:  ABC Poll: Nearly 70 Percent See Economy Getting Worse! While the Biden administration deflects on the long-held simple definition of recession, an ABC News/Ipsos poll found almost 70% of adults believe the U.S. economy is getting worse. Inflation remains a drag on Biden's approval. Just 29% approve of the job Biden has done on inflation, while 69% disapprove.

  • Perhaps if the talking heads were paid the average hourly wage for American workers in the U.S they would have a better idea of what the rest of us are facing when it comes to feeding our families, rent/mortgage, energy costs i.e., gas & electric, federal, state, and local taxes, car payments, insurance payments they would have a different attitude. At the inflated salaries they're paid, they just have way more expendable income than the rest of us and aren't feeling the economic bite brought on by the Biden economic disaster. This administration is either incompetent, evil, or both and the media just seem to be blind to it because they just aren't suffering.


    Don't worry about recession, there is a bigger storm about to hit America! 


  • No, the 528,000 jobs are not added.  These are just rehires from the government shutdown.

  • These stinking hacks just reguretate whatever the dems tell them to

  • Anyone who believe s that wages are keeping pace... with rising retail costs or that unemployment is at record lows and the markets are booming, is delusional...

    As for creating more jobs and the economy being in great shape… these liars will find the public is no longer so enamored by the BAZARO world of CNN and the purveyors of their Marxist propaganda... The so called silly and extended debate over the failing economy remains a high priority in the minds of Americans, with a brain ...

    The debate over the economy is hardly silly… as millions of Americans choose between paying for fule to drive to work, or utilities, food, and needed medications. If forced economic choices between the essentials of life are the sign of a very strong economy, I would hate to see what a bad economy looked like in the fabled and BAZARO world of the MSM.

  • Fake News CNN is losing viewers.  It's time for them to lose Sponsors as well.  I say Boycott CNN Sponsors as well as CNN.  

    When that happens, I predict CNN will fail as quickly as CNN Plus did.

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