• Illegal Mass migration in general has turned the nation against the Democrat Party...  This issue alone will cost them the Presidency, and any effective representation in Congress.

    • Colonel, I certainly agree with you on principle. ALL Americans should be appalled by the invasion of illegals from every corner of the world. The democrats recruit and welcome the most hostile and anti-American aliens with open arms.

      HOWEVER, the things that remain totally loyal and obedient to the democrats are:

      Dominion voting machines

      Mail-in ballots and all the crap associated with that concept

      The mainstream media

      Democrat activists serving as election administrators

      Legislative and judicial branches of state governments rewriting election laws to suit

      We have reached the point where manipulating the count is now standard operating procedure and ultimately the deciding factor. Theft of an election is now apparently legal, but questioning its legitimacy can send you to prison.


    • You're not wrong sir.

  • Citizens of all states, including sane minded rank and file democrat voters should be against their leadership heirchy for having designated their states/cities/counties as sanctuaries to harbor and coddle illegal immigrants, including, collectively spending billions of their hard-earned tax dollars on them. I am astonished that rank and file members of those sanctuary entities have not marched in mass in protest and promised to vote the culprits out of office. I am also astonished and disappointed that republicans, independents, and journalists who have the opportunity to publicly interview and/or ask Biden, Schumer, and other democrat leaders questions, never put them on the "hot seat" by asking, that since congress is in the process of legislating a bill that include securing the southwest border, does that mean the party's leadership heirchy has decided to abandon its "open borders" agenda that they have advocated since President Obama's tenure?

    • Our Nation is under judgment for its rebellion against God... The spirit of "strong delusion" has taken up residence among the people... So, they should believe a lie, rather than the truth.

      It is written where the blind lead the blind, both shall end up in a ditch. So it is among the confused soul, whose judgment has been blinded by their close association with Sin. Sodom and Gomorrah shall stand in judgment of such a people. See:

      2 Thessalonians 2:11-16. speaks of judgment that awaits those who reject the truth to follow the Antichrist in the Last Days... Satan's ministers will perform signs and wonders deceiving many. Strong delusion will take root in the double-minded and weak in the faith, those who take pleasure in evil. Two can not walk together unless they agree... The righteous soul must not covenant with the unrighteous... both will end up falling... thus, witness the fruit of bipartisan legislation.

      Having once tasted of the heavenly gift... touching the things to come, the deluded return like a dog to their vomit. The double-minded receive nothing from God... Their house is divided and their son's and daughter's inheritance is given to another... The moth and cankerworm shall devour their purse, and their Kingdom given to others. God is not mocked ... He shall give the wicked and double-minded over to depraved minds.

      2 THESSALONIANS 2:11 KJV "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should…
      2 Thessalonians 2:11 KJV: And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

      AMEN!!!! They are able to continously do the wicked things they do only because millions of like-minded citizens continue voting for them.

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    • Gee OZELL, seems as if the DEMOCRATS have guaged their constituents attention span,( being almost Nil ), and though they  seem wishy washy they are the master "chamelions" of advocated policies. .

  • 4 years ago i didn't vote for trump or biden. now i will vote for trump because no president has failed so greatly on 1 issue as biden has done with the borders and immigration

    • There are many other excellent reasons to vote for is that he was the greatest, most patriotic, pro America president in my lifetime, and I loved Reagan!

    • Hear, Hear, 🙏🏼🙏🏼

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