• The longer this goes on the more I believe that the Democrats and Biden  WANT TO DEFAULT and go into next year without a budget...   What will the GOP do if Biden goes rogue and decides to fund the government with the stroke of his pen and executive order...  declares an emergency and uses his emergency authority to fund the government... 

    What would happen if Biden ignores Congress and tells both Congress and the Courts to pound sand... while he funds the government using emergency executive auhtority.  Defaulting on our debt may be exactly what the Marxists want... Don't think that the Democrat Marxists are not capable of such a strategic move.


    So, let me get this right. The enlighten progressives think more debt is good and paying bills are bad!

    So why don't they set the example and run up their credit cards and then refuse to pay!  

    ...what am I missing? 

    • Historically Marxist don't let little thngs like funding stop them from funding their programs... by hook or crook... by any means necessary.  we are dealing with the demented and delusional.

  • Well I see that RINO speaker McCarthy has assured us that an agreement on raising the debt ceiling will soon be reached. They’ve extended the deadline to June 5th to give him more time to gradually concede to ALL the democrat’s demands. Once that has been accomplished, the agreement can be finalized. Don’t you feel better now?

  • It is time for the Local Governments... the city, county, and State to respond to rioters with the force of arms and major criminal prosecutions... to HELL with the FBI or other federal law enforcement.  Local governments are supposed to respond to arson, civil unrest, riot, assault, looting, robbery, rape, murder. etc.  Get the Governor to respond and hold your local governments responsible for the protection of life and property... 

    Until we find LEADERSHIP willing to use First Responders... in a defensive and proactive punitive role... the riots will continue.  For those law enforcement and judicial officers who refuse to prosecute or PROPERLY adjudicate penalties for the crimes committed; we must be ready for mass firings, impeachment, and disbarment actions. 

    Hold those public servants responsible for civil order accountable for public safety ... accountable for failing in their jobs.  Fire them. 

    •  I totally agree, Colonel. To me it appears the left has failed to get a rise out of conservatives to do it so now they're switching to getting their indoctrinated puppets to start something.


  • Yup they'll be out in the streets causing millions of damage screaming to take more of their money, more of their freedom, being paid to destroy America.

    • It is past time that DEADLY force be used to control mass riots, arson, and general chaos created by leftist looters and Marxist operatives.  Issue a lawful command to disperse, establish curfews, and inform the public that force ..  up to and including deadly force, will be used to protect lives and property will be used... EARLY and as necessary to keep order

      Be prepared to arrest MSM journalists and outside liberal activists that incite riot... or interfere with law enforcement including orders to leave the area.  Local law enforcement must be permitted to use the needed FORCE to put down the riot, arson, assault, robbery, looting, rape, and other crimes taking place under the cover of political protests. 

      The 1st Amendment doesn't protect violent assembly, criminal or seditious conduct,  as lawful political protest.

  • When the dems are talking Rioting, I think they are trying to give somebody a idea!! Maybe coerison or instigate a insurection??  Here again short rope and a Tall tree will stop a lot of B.S. 

    • The issue regarding the left's incitement to riot has become very noticeable and is now proof of criminal culpability... arrest and prosecute political operatives who clearly call for violence and unlawful asssembly, looting, and other forms of violence.

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