Dems To Poison Democracy?

12364136098?profile=RESIZE_584xIn the name of protecting democracy the Dems may use the same poisonous recipe in the 2024 election. Will the demonic chiefs cook from the same menu and prepare a vile dish of tainted election results and serve poison democracy? Are the ‘left-overs’ of the 2020 election fiasco the same disgusting concoction? Will vote harvesting, ballot mules, illegal aliens, and shadow voting ingredients for the contamination of democracy in order to protect democracy! OMG! Their rancid election recipe worked last time why not serve a 2nd helping?

Following the 2020 U.S. presidential election, there was a lot of accusations regarding the credibility of the electoral process. Amidst the discussions about the election's legitimacy, one prominent topic has been the allegations of interference by corporate media and big tech giants.

Is there a shadow campaign in the works?  TIME Magazine's piece, "The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign  Saved the 2020 Election," which outlines a collaborative effort by various individuals from the political, union, and business sectors to impact the election by promoting a significant increase in mail-in voting.


Although the article suggests there is an agenda to remove Trump from office, it is crucial to analyze the evidence provided and evaluate how these actions will affect the democratic process.

The author of "Breaking the News" sheds light on statistical irregularities surrounding Joe Biden's victory and links them to a phenomenon known as "cheat by mail." The book highlights Mark Zuckerberg's role in the matter and the increase in mail-in ballots, specifically as a result of adjustments made to voting regulations in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to carefully examine whether these changes were genuine responses to the pandemic or if they truly gave an advantage to a particular political party.

Reference: Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media's Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption Hardcover – May 18, 2021, by Alex Marlow (Author)

Concerns surrounding the practice of ballot harvesting, where third parties collect and submit ballots on behalf of voters are now main stage. The author asserts  this practice is more inclined to benefit Democrats, highlighting the insufficient oversight and possibility of fraudulent activities. It is crucial to evaluate the legality and impact of ballot harvesting, taking into account the differences in rules across states.

More concerns about modifications to voting regulations  have been implemented in response to the pandemic, including the extension of acceptance periods for mail-in ballots. Examining the legal basis for these changes and their impact on the election outcome is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of the claims being made.

Many concerned citizens argue that major tech companies had a significant impact on the election, specifically through censorship and the use of biased algorithms. Claims of Google's potential influence on voter behavior are being investigated, with allegations made by Dr. Robert Epstein suggesting millions of votes may have been shifted. It seems the secrets are bubbling to the surface about the measures taken by Facebook to limit the reach of certain content and highlights Mark Zuckerberg's involvement in election-related initiatives.


Final Word: Republicans have known about the vote, ballot and election cooking before the 2020 election, but what have they done about it? Aren’t they supposed to be our representatives and protect our rights? If they are willing to allow elections chiefs to cook up the 2024 election then they have betrayed their very own constituents and what good are they? Furthermore, if the Dem vote kitchens are working overtime to concoct the next round of votes then they too are partners in crime.

If this comes to pass then what are We the People going to do about both of these disgusting political parties?

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  • Compare and contrast Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

    Could any election sleight of hand credibly manage a scant Biden win?

    How could the Joint Congress manage a straight face in accepting such electoral certifications?

    I am not saying some kind of attempt will not be made. I will say it would have no benefit of doubt; a tough magic trick!

    • How could they manage a straight face... the same way they do every payday by backing up to the pay window? By avoiding and attacking any discussion of their betrayal... labeling anyone that suggests more than mere cheating occurred is a crime... should be jailed for life.

    • If the Dems cheat again ina massive way, and it is obiouvs then I don't know what America will do. Even many old-time Dems (aka rino) don't want cheating. It's the communist progressive who wil try to win by any means nesseccary. 

    • True. (sorry about the double-negative, but it said it on  target).

      I summarized the Democrat party as being rabid and dying before our eyes.

      (not a wishful thought but an observation).

      I have argued that if the man credited as Chief author of the Declaration and heavy influencer of the Constitution, set aside irregular Presidential Election state electoral results as President of the Senate, I have full faith and confidence in his sincerity and judgement as to that being an acceptable procedure. George Washingtons conferred and provisional privilege of the Executive Order prevails outside of Constitutional authority to this day (and it now points sharply as an extra-constitutional dagger to the Republics throat), yet neither authority exists as Constitutional, but technically must directly be so to be legally employed. I see no reason why such a deference should not and must not be accorded full procedural authority to the President of the Senate. The severe need for this is obvious, since this issue is forcibly focused by treacherous detractors to the Nations injury.

      Also, the historic derelict address of either concerns in either a Congressional Amendment or in a Convention of States is frankly shoddy, the excuse of the difficulty in effecting either seeming threadbare to tissue thin. We are sweating bullets today because of two and one half centuries of placation. The abolishment of the Senate Electoral College (which I urge re-instatement) and even a brief national ban on booze and its later repeal was managed by Amendment! Why then can we not tend to critical Constitutional matters for the Nations sake.

      We truely do have the means.

    • Well stated and I too would like to see the ELECTORAL COLLEGE Functioning as the means to elect the president and Vice President... each on their own ticket.

    • "Each on their own ticket" is an interesting thought, but could be problematic if the two winners didn't happen to like each other!  Then what??

    • If the Dems are viewed objectively, then it is easy to see they have to change the rules of the game or cheat to win! 

  • The devildemocommiecrats don't want to poison democracy they want to abolish it, and the deep state gop establishment are right there with them, seeking the one world dictatorship they have lusted after for so long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sad to say but I have no hope for this nation

    • This is why we are here, to give hope and to take action. 

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