The optics of President Biden's press conference revealed without question, the democrats leadership heirchy's willingness to place their zest for longterm dominant political power above this nation's soverignty and security, albeit they serve as the basis for citizen's safety and quality of life. All of which are dependent upon optimum secure borders, and optimum operated air and ocean debarkation terminals. Those infrastructure entities are the first line of defense against threats to our soverignty, safety, and quality of life. Yet, when CBS Correspondeant, Nancy Cordes asked him to respond to Senator Mitch McConnel having said that the upcoming midterm elections would be a report card on his progress on inflation, border security, and standing up to Russia; he never responded to the border security progress part, and neither did she followup to get a response. The optics are clear. He deliberately refused to answer because border security is not conducive to his party's ludicrous, reckless, and dangerous open borders agenda. That's why on his first day in office, he stopped construction of the wall that would have finally secured the border in accordance with the Immigration Reform an Controll Act of 1986. Ms. Cordes was grossly derelict by not following up to have him answer the border security part of Senator McConnel's statement, whether intentionally or not. Because borders are the most critical of all infranstructure entities; all news agency correspodents were grossly negligent for not asking President Biden to explain the benefits of sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, and how would open borders advocated by his political party. 

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