Expulsion is the most serious form of disciplinary action that can be taken against a Member of Congress. The United States Constitution (Article I, Section 5, Clause 2) provides that "Each House [of Congress] may determine the Rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member."  quote: Wikipedia

THE NEXT CONGRESS NEEDS TO FOCUS ON THE EXPULSION of its corrupt members... and to refer criminal conduct for PROSECUTION.  NO MORE HEARINGS... TRIALS FOR EXPULSION NEED TO BE THE FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS IN THE HOUSE ... The Senate may not have the votes to Expel bad US Senators, based on the raw number of GOP seats available to convict and expel US Senators are not there. Expulsions in the Senate may have to wait until the 2024 Election cycle.

Congressional oversight Hearings are staged circuses... Congress has sufficient evidence of criminal activity in the Congressional Record to refer members for criminal indictment and expulsion... There are mountains of hard, credible, evidence pointing to crimes by sitting and former members of Congress in the Congressional record. Adding more evidence of members' crimes or rehashing old evidence holds no one accountable... expulsion and indictments are warranted.

Why has EXPULSION not been used to remove bad apples from Congress... Voting is not the only Constitutional means to remove corrupt members of Congress.  Expulsion is a Constitutional process that is solely in the hands of Congress... It is not subject to judicial or executive review or action. Why has EXPULSION not been used to REMOVE the bad apples from Congress?  Perhaps the bad apples are running Congress? 

It doesn't take IMPEACHMENT or criminal indictment to EXPEL a member of Congress... bad conduct is enough.  However, the leadership must initiate hearings to EXPEL a sitting member of either House of Congress.  EXPULSION HEARINGS NEED TO BE THE FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS in the next Congress.

The legislation Rep Scalise and McCarthy are proposing for the next congress will never become law... The President will VETO any GOP Bill he doesn't approve, and the votes needed in the US SENATE to override his VETO are not there.  Scalise and McCarthy know this and choose to obfuscate and misdirect the actions needed to reform Congress.  It is disengenuous to suggest such bills will be possible. There are more effective actions that can be taken by the next congress... cleaning Congress's house, and taking the TRASH OUT using the expulsion process would be a much better use of Congress's time. 

Expulsion and replacement of the bad apples in the US Senate could add the votes needed in the US Senate to pass reform legislation over the President's Veto. EXPEL 3 corrupt Democrat Senators and replace them with 3 conservatives and voila the vote in the US Senate to override a Presidential veto is suddenly possible.  Why not conduct EXPULSION HEARINGS instead of oversight hearings that go nowhere?

McCarthy and McConnell need to focus on expelling the corrupt members of Congress and removing (IMPEACHING) SES civil service appointees (The Administrative State). Do what works and stop focusing the public and Congress's attention on hearings that do nothing but infuriate the public.

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  • The problem with expulsion is that, after we get rid of bad apples, who's left? McConnell has placed , in positions of leadership , a bunch of Establishment 'me too' idiots...and I'm sure the same was done by Ryan in the House, so  McCarthy has a bunch of me too, too.


    • OK so it's not a cure all.  The apple tree won't start producing again in my yard, but it's never a bad idea to cull the scoundrels.  It helps the remaining members to see Jesus 

    • Exactly... it is never wrong to help others find Jesus... allowing the criminals to operate with impunity only encourages more crime...

    • McConnell should be one of the first to be expelled... however, he is also the Senate Majority leader... in charge of the agenda and committee assignments.

  • That would mean that Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff, and Cortes could be expelled in from the House in early 2023 for good cause.  If Cruz is endorsing impeachment of Biden and Harris in 2023. why not invoke the Clause to get rid of the other traitorous House vermin?  Call for the exterminator! It's a matter of purpose that these socialist/communists be expelled!

    • Well said Norton... well said.

    • Exactly... However, I suspect that the GOP leadership is reluctant to use EXPULSION as they fear being EXPELLED... and with good reason.

      There are so many members of Congress with huge character flaws that EXPULSION is a very fearful power... So powerful that the current members of Congress would rather see it forgotten than used.

  • Dear Admin. You statement sort of begs the argument.  If we had new leadership of the GOP, it would imply we had new congress persons.  After all it's the membership that elects the leadership.  We can't have new leadership with the current membership.  The people have allowed these same, self serving GOP congressional traitors to sit term after term.  It will take a series of elction cycles to make real serious inroads.  Plus, once the people step up to their responsibility and the congress persons see the handwriting on the wall they will become more responsive to the wishes of the people.

    The only reason it has gone as far as it has is because the voters are too stupid, lazy and irresonsible in hte first place.

    • Learn how to use grammar, put sentences together, and to spell before you try to express yourself! 

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