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Total federal lobbying skyrocketed to $4.1 billion in 2022, a new OpenSecrets analysis of federal lobbying disclosures found. That’s a nominal record and the highest lobbying spending since 2010 when adjusted for inflation.

This isn’t the first time federal lobbying spending broke records in 2022. During the first quarter, federal lobbyists reported receiving $1 billion in real dollars for the first time ever in a single quarter. Federal lobbying spending skyrocketed past $1 billion again during the third quarter

Federal lobbyists raked in nearly $1 billion during the fourth quarter as they cozied up to lawmakers around the midterm election and pressed their clients’ priorities during the “lame-duck” session. 

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  • If we can divert, or take away that money, we take away their power, but "how" do we do that?

  • Corruption, Corruption, Corruption nothing else!


    This is just the 'Redistribution Of Poverty' how else can the Dems break the US? ......obtw they are ahead of schedule. 

  • Needs to be illegal and ANYONE leaving the Government, must relinquish ALL clearances. 

    • You have that 100% correct.  Now can you figure out how we get Congress to agree!?!


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