FIRE STORM – Trans-gendering War Has Started

23gender-surgery-mkpl-mediumSquareAt3X.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400x"Does an eleven-year-old child possess the cognitive capacity to choose their lifelong gender identity independently, without parental guidance?" Nature and G*d says: “NO”

In a shocking turn of events, a courageous lawsuit has been filed against two Wisconsin surgeons and the University of Wisconsin (UW) Hospital, exposing a potential violation of informed consent in gender-affirming surgeries.

This lawsuit highlights the importance of upholding ethical standards and ensuring  patients are fully informed and empowered in their medical decisions. The alleged failure to obtain proper parental consent raises serious concerns about the medical establishment's commitment to patient autonomy and the potential consequences of disregarding this fundamental principle.

It is imperative justice is served and the rights and well-being of patients are safeguarded in all medical procedures. Bypassing parental consent is not protecting the well-being of the minor.

The lawsuit exposes the alarming trend of individuals self-diagnosing themselves with gender dysphoria without seeking proper medical validation. This woman, without the oversight of qualified professionals, unilaterally determined her own condition as a child. This raises serious concerns about the credibility and accuracy of her claims.

This glaring issue highlights the dire need for stringent diagnostic protocols and unwavering emphasis on obtaining fully informed consent in gender-affirming procedures.

The lawsuit exposes the rampant malpractice, blatant disregard for informed consent, and discriminatory practices that have infiltrated our healthcare system due to the disastrous Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need to uphold stringent standards in medical procedures, particularly those that have the potential to irreversibly alter lives.

Some individuals who claim to be transgender or nonbinary embark on a self-centered and subjective exploration to validate their chosen gender identity. It is imperative  the medical community steps up and fulfills their duty to include parents of minors seeking to transgender with full compliance and parental consent.

Case on point. Many states mandate parental consent for minors seeking tattoos and body piercings, but when it comes to gender transition procedures, such as castration and high-dosage hormone injections, parents are excluded and left uninformed.

The woman's story further highlights the crucial need to acknowledge  individuals can experience shifts in their perception of their gender identity as time progresses. She initially embraced a lesbian and nonbinary identity, but later made the courageous decision to "detransition" after recognizing  her childhood trauma, rather than her biological sex, was the underlying cause of her mental distress. This underscores the urgency of addressing the mental health crisis and parental guidance which must be mandatory for life changing surgeries on the minor under the control of the parents.

Furthermore, this lawsuit brings to light concerns regarding the accessibility and quality of healthcare for transgender individuals. The courageous woman in question eloquently articulated the profound cultural values  motivate her to embrace the noble pursuit of raising a large family.

With unwavering determination, she passionately expressed her fervent desire to conceive naturally, embodying the timeless principles that have guided generations of conservative families.

Final Word: Ask yourself one question: What right does the State have to bypass the authority of a parent over their child? I hope your answer will contain the following: Only in extreme cases of abuse can the State intervene, other than that the State must stay out of the home!

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    WOW, this was a timely one, Steve! Part of the Nashville trans shooter's manifesto leaked:



    • 10/4 our members are right almost all the time. This time being right is very painful. frown

  • Any medical professional who would do this to a child, without parental consent is part of the 1939-40 Nazi Party.  That is where the Nazi's performed various operations on mental patients, political prisoners, and Jews.  They performed operations on them to test what they could stand before killing them.  Anyone who does this to a child should have their medical license pulled, tried and put in prison for life.


  • Let's see. Children can't drive, drink, open credit cards, go to a bar, buy alcohol, vote, etc., etc. But they are still able to have major surgery without anyone's permission, signature, what about insurance? Who pays? It's a stupid mess and just plain wrong.

    • Stop sex education in schools!!!!!! Stop talking about sex in schools!!!!!
      We have multiplied since the beginning of humanity, figured out how it's done, this is one of those things in life nature guides us to when we are ready physically and emotionally. These are personal/family matters and children figure it out without anyone outside the family "explaining" to them and giving them ideas. 
      What is the difference between doctors today who are willling to mutilate children and Dr. Mengele? This is nothing less then an experiment against everything in medicine and the doctor's oath to do no harm! A huge money maker for hospitals and drug companies.
      Here IT is again, profit for hospitals and big pharma causing more harm than good, and since doctors began to work FOR the hospitals, employed by them, they too have lost their decency and the guidance of higher power! 

    • Ilona, I completely agree with you. It clearly shows they cannot be trusted, and it never was their jurisdiction to take on issues of sexualtity and development. Parents need to wake up and take back their authority to model and build moral behavior and thinking in their own children. Parents should have started saying NO a long time ago. Not only what you wrote, but that moron devil Doctor Spock, who promoted "Being your child's best friend,..." My Mom used to mock that man for his degeneracy.

    • ??- How long will GOD tolerate this? ..PASTORS and RABBIS Should be BELLOWING  at the top of their lungs.

    • Indeed they should

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