Hillary/Hochul Detainment Camps Court Approved

12299308689?profile=RESIZE_584xThe State of New York has approved quarantine detainment camps and will start the construction phase! Hillary suggested reeducation camps and New Yorks Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul followed through but adding public health concerns to the mix. The branded nickname coming to the surface is the HH Camps. HH stands for the Hillary Hochul camps, not to be confused with the HH stigma of Heil Hitler or HH. Both the HH and the HH stigmas are completely different!

Once again, the State court flexed its tyrannical muscles by reinstating quarantine camp powers. This blatant disregard for individual liberties and the Constitution is a dangerous precedent should concern every freedom-loving American. Under the guise of public health and safety, Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed into law a bill granting the state unprecedented authority to detain and isolate individuals deemed a threat to society.

The alarming reinstatement of Rule 2.13 has bestowed upon state and local health authorities an unprecedented level of power, enabling them to subject innocent New Yorkers to mandatory isolation or quarantine merely on the suspicion of having any infectious disease, such as, but not limited to, COVID-19.

Lets not forget Jews and other enemies of the State were considered mentally and socially diseased and interned in ‘reeducation camps’ in Nazi Germany in 1933 to the end of the war. The liberals consider conservatism a disease which needs to be irradiated.

It appears this unlawful action is nothing more than the weaponization of the Department of Health. This egregious overreach of authority raises serious concerns about individual liberties and the potential for abuse by those in positions of power.

You need to read this! This egregious regulation grants officials the unchecked authority to detain individuals without any burden of proof regarding their health status or potential exposure to a communicable disease, thereby paving the way for a disturbing abuse of power.

Attorney Bobbie Anne Cox, a fierce advocate for conservative values, passionately voiced her concerns about the alarming absence of necessary safeguards in the rule. Representing a coalition of courageous state lawmakers and the patriotic citizen group Uniting NYS, Cox highlighted the potential dangers that lie ahead due to this glaring oversight.

In a shocking revelation, Cox exposes the Department of Health's alarming power to arbitrarily select individuals for lockdown measures, all without the burden of providing any concrete evidence regarding their health status.

Furthermore, the alarming lack of a time limit and location restriction not only undermines the very essence of justice, but also poses a grave threat of indefinite and capricious detentions.

New York Supreme Court Judge Ronald Ploetz sided with the plaintiffs, effectively declaring Rule 2.13 a clear example of judicial overreach and a dangerous precedent which threatens the very fabric of our society. Judge Ploetz passionately underscored the egregious infringement upon personal freedom resulting from coercive confinement, shedding light on its far-reaching ramifications, including financial hardship and estrangement from loved ones.

Overturned! The recent decision by the Appellate Division, unfortunately, failed to address the crucial merits of the case. Instead, it shamelessly resorted to the tired tactic of claiming the plaintiffs lacked the standing to bring forth their lawsuit. This dismissal is a clear example of the left's ongoing efforts to stifle conservative voices and deny justice to those who dare to challenge their radical agenda. By implying only those who have been forcibly detained have the right to challenge the rule, the court dismisses the legitimate concerns of lawmakers who are fighting to uphold the principles of our democracy.

The New York Attorney General, Letitia James, a staunch Democrat, shamelessly challenged the initial ruling, sparking outrage among the public. The recent dismissal of the lawsuit has handed Governor Hochul an alarming amount of power, allowing her to detain individuals without any regard for due process, all in the name of public health.

The alarming revival of these quarantine camp powers raises grave concerns regarding the erosion of individual liberties and the disturbing potential for government overreach.

Final Word: REPEAT! HH means the ‘Hillary Hochul Camps’, not ‘HH - Heil Hitler’!   The State of New York just approved Rule 2.13 which bestows upon state and local health authorities an unprecedented level of power, enabling them to subject innocent New Yorkers to mandatory isolation or quarantine merely on the suspicion of having any infectious disease, such as nut not limited to COVID-19.

Everyone reading this article understands the hidden reason behind these mandatory public health camps is not to protect society from communicable or contagious diseases, but the most hideous communicable and contagious transmission of all…..the truth! 

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  • "The liberals consider conservatism a disease which needs to be irradiated."

    Funny....that is what I have suspected all along about Progressive Socialism being a political pox.

    But wiegh the truth values in terms of constructive benefit versus destructive parasitism.

    I figure folks with an honest mind will come to terms soon with the ideas.

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    • "But, then who speaks Hebrew in truth, anymore?"

      I was rather under the impression that the people of Israel do so currently.

      Perhaps you mean a more archiac version?

  • They can't jail everybody and many will die staying free

    • Yes! The British tried it in the Colonies......how did that work out! 

  • Hellary and Hochul are the two who need to be in a camp.

  • Yep, and the COVID scam to stoke fear and panic in the population is ramping up again just in time for the 2024 elections.

  • Of course the sluts would approve it.

  • This has all the marks of totalitarianism, and certainly unconstitutionality.

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