Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy, soon-to-be House Congressional Majority Leader, recently announced that (HSS), Alejandro Mayorkas will be impeached for continuous lying about the border being secured and failure to do anything to secure the grossly dilapidated southwest border whereby hordes of migrants illegally enter this country daily. However, it is ludicrous not to also impeach his boss, President Joe Biden simultaneously, Because it was him who on his first day in office blatantly committed one of the most wicked, lawless, reckless, and anarchist act of any POTUS in American history by signing an executive order that stopped ongoing construction that would have finally secured the border as mandated by the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986. Therefore, everything HSS Mayorkas has been doing or failing to do that keeps the border unsecure is certainly in accordance with his boss' wishes and guidance. Since President Biden's job priority is to orchestrate 24/7 optimum defense against foreign threats to our sovereignty, security, freedoms, safety, and quality of life that begins at our borders, impeaching HSS Mayorkas and leaving him in office would without question be the epitome of double standards of justice. It is absolutely astonishing that Congressman McCarthy didn't place him at the top for impeachment. because the one day of rioting and vandalism at the US Capital Building January 6, 2021, and what democrats concocted to impeach former President Donald Trump, pales in polar contrast to the ongoing duration and magnitude of threats to this nation’s sovereignty and security, and citizens safety and quality of life due explicitly to deliberate actions and inaction to keep the southwest border unsecure. That is outright criminal according to subparagraph (D) under “Criminal Penalties” on page 24 of IRCA.

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