200.gif?cid=790b7611e3wfxygszbuv355mv64reoky2ixv4yc3n8fp8gz9&ep=v1_gifs_search&rid=200.gif&ct=gHere we go! No, it’s not the end of the world but it might be for millions of people. With Vadimir Putin waging war in Ukraine, supply lines stretched  to the limit, inflation rocketing through the roof and a weak frail man in the White House it seems this is a perfect storm to wipe Israel off the map, destroy America, grab most of Europe and invade and conquer Taiwan all in one swoop!

Let’s not beat around the bush, Iranian missile strike on Israel is coming and soon!

According to Patriot sources, there is a serious concern among United States and allied intelligence agencies regarding a potential significant attack Iran may carry out against Israel.

The gravity of the situation implies it is now a question of when, rather than if, Iran will launch attacks on government or military targets in Israel, employing drones or high-precision missiles.

Will the attack originate from Tehran itself, or will extremist groups like Hezbollah be the ones to carry out this aggression?

The assessment from the intelligence community highlights the seriousness of the situation. The stakes are incredibly high, and the region is on edge, eagerly anticipating the next move.

Israel's Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, spoke with great clarity. On Wednesday, he made a strong statement, asserting  any attack on Israel from Iran's territory would be met with a quick and decisive response. "If Iran were to launch an attack from its territory, Israel would respond with a counterattack," Katz stated in a post  was shared in both Farsi and Hebrew.

To top it off, last week, there was an incident in which the Israeli military targeted the Iranian consulate in Syria. As a result, Ali Abed Akhsan Naim, who held a high-ranking position in Hezbollah's missiles unit, was eliminated. The attack was a strategic maneuver, but it had repercussions.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's Supreme Leader, expressed his determination to seek retaliation for the strike. During a speech commemorating the conclusion of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Khamenei expressed his belief the consulate attack was equivalent to an assault on their land. The regime made a mistake and should face the consequences, which it undoubtedly will.

After such strong and worrisome comments all eyes turned to Washington, but Joe Biden assured the world it will be o.k. because he is in charge!

Joe Biden discussed the potential threat posed by Iran, saying: "We must also discuss the potential danger of Iran's plans to launch a significant..." until his handlers abruptly took over Bidens sentence and he was quickly pulled off the stage leaving the onlookers pondering the seriousness of the situation and who exactly is in charge?

Ooooh, the lamestream media didn’t report this did they…oops!

Not only is the looming war between Israeli and Iranian on a catastrophic brink, but to make matters worse, did Biden almost declare war? …and a nuclear one at that? …or was he pulled of the stage ‘just in time?’

Final Word: If Iran attacks Israel America must be prepared to intervene and prevent a nuclear Armageddon. Furthermore, once and if an Iranian, Israeli war starts will Putin use that moment to finish his victory lapse in Ukraine and will China seeing this opportunity invade and conquer Taiwan?

But don’t worry, even if all hell breaks loose, Joe Biden is in charge!

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  • Yep, Hooray for the combination  3 things hand of God, iron dome , and U.S. Navy. Tehran has No Fear of Biden!! It knows Joe won't do Shit. Because Tehran already has Terrorists in America.  Biden has no idea where or who they are. But they have a Obama phone and are just a phone call away.


  • I think we can count on them, everyone's enemies, wanting Israel to be the bad guy. The spin machine is readying itself.

  • If Iran attacks Israel, the question:  Is America ready becomes highly relevant?   However, the answer to: Is America READY becomes somewhat complex...  Ready, for what? To support who?  Ready to advise Israel to capitulate, then yes Biden is prepared... Ready to strike Iranian forces in Iran.. then the answer depends... Did BIden have his Ice Cream before seeing the latest polls or after?

    With each new crisis, the BIden Administration leans ever more Marxist... walking away from our historic alliances and traditional allies... We can not be certain what the Biden Administration will do.  Their ambivalence is creating an even greater risk to our national security.

    • NO SHIT, COL!


  • I understand our troops are being moved into more strategic positions. Good thing Putin is busy in Ukrain, I'd hate t9 see Russia, China, and Iran on the same side. Beijing is salivating at the right opportunity to go into Taiwan, and probably will if america looks tied down with Israel.....while we are being invaded at our borders and have complete shitheads both politically and militarily.

  • Mr. Eichler, please explain this line. According to Patriot sources, there is a serious concern among United States and allied intelligence agencies regarding a potential significant attack Iran may carry out against Israel.” That sounds a lot like something you’d hear on CNN or MSNBC. Just who are these unidentified patriot sources? Who is it that has access to the intelligence agencies? Who is it that is privy to Iranian military planning? If any of this info was found on YouTube, it is unquestionably Google/NWO propaganda.

    If this info comes directly from Washington, then you know its Bullshit. This stolen government that used to belong to “The People” has lied to us repeatedly for many, many years. They lied to us about covid and more importantly the vaccine. They lied about our border security. They lied about Ukraine. Now they are lying about Israel. If Israel is in dire straits and needs money and war material, why haven’t they petitioned the Rothschilds or the Warburgs or the Rockefellers? It would seem that those folks would be closer to the problem than we are. Or could it be that once again those are the same people that are promoting AND funding all of these wars?

    I have no doubt there will be a major war, but only because the NWO wants it. I’m also sure that America will bear most of the financial burden.

    • Good question. Patriot sources are those people who do not wish to be identified and post their finding on conservative sites. When unrelated individuals post the same thing then I add value to these posts. What am I to call them? They post on conservative blogs not liberal blogs, they report in a non-bias manner! Therefore to me they are Patriot sources. What would you call them? 

    • Since it’s your post, I guess you can call them anything you want. It does seem to be the same narrative being pushed across the mainstream. What more reliable source could we possibly ask for?

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