The better question is: " Is it possible to salvage America, given the current administration, Congress, and Judiciary?  Bounties on dissident citizens are nothing when compared with the warped view our leadership has for the Constitution and individual liberty. It appears the government is about to conduct a Marxist Purge of the dissident population.... bounties on conservative citizens...  They already have our replacements in line...  the third-world indigents invading America..

Our Senior leaders know what is about to happen... However, they appear unwilling to save our Constitutional Republic...  Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn must be jumping with joy... While leaders in the Weatherman Organization they predicted the need to purge over 20 million Americans via a popular revolution before Communism could be imposed on the US Population.

Are the American gulags just around the corner... Could elections and our traditional government processes be suspended under an Emergency Declaration and Martial Law imposed? Are the 14th Amendment and threats to challenge the separation of powers a real concern? These questions are not totally without merit. 

In the meantime, the conservative population remains BASICALLY LEADERLESS, UNORGANIZED... and unprepared to meet such a challenge.  With the DHS, DOJ/FBI, and DOD all compromised it isn't looking good.  One might ask: Is America about to experience a Biblical-level calamity?  It isn't looking good on the local, national, or international level at all...

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