• Facts have a stubborn problem of exposing false arguments regardless of the MSM's spin, the administration's WOKE policy, or Academia's leftist ideology.

    • P/S  Jean-Pierre you may want to WAKE UP BIDEN... He keeps falling asleep while pontificating WOKism...

  • There is a very great difference between calling out incompetence and irresponsible behavior, This entire administration is incompetent from top to bottom, And based on her comments we are not supposed to be able to express our opinion about the conduct and decisions of this administration, Someone needs to explain this is AMERICA land of the free and that includes being critical of decisions made by this current president. The left certainly had no problem trashing President TRUMP but we are now supposed to remain silent while JOE BIDEN is destroying our nation, NO YOUNG LADY THATS NOT HOW IT WORKS BOTH SIDES ARE ALLOWED TO EXPRESS OPINIONS, We all know the left would LOVE TO CONTROL SPEECH AND OPINIONS, BUT YOU CANT. 

    • Amen Freddie!!!! And the root-cause of it all, is because the democrats' leadership heirchy is grossly evil from top to bottom. Public domain facts/evidence confirm that lying, deception, and other unscrupulousness de facto forms their basis for governing.

  • Not a chance, KJP and if YOU don't want to get "slammed", you better stay out of the line of fire!

  • The conservative house members ARE doing what the American people want-stopping many of Biden's destructive policies!!!!

  • Oh they could attack President Trump who is a great president and we are to say nothing on all the stupid things he is saying and doing 

  • You want us to stop attacking the SOB who is attaching America and it's People. That's not about to happen. He is guilty of Treason against America and deserves to be delt with like all American Traitors

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