• Biden is just full of good news, isn't he!

    Can someone please tell me why the Dems want to lose the election in November and maybe beyond? 

    They are doing everything wrong! BTW - I'm glad they're going to lose, but the problem is the Repubs are not winning by their efforts but by default! YIKES!


    • Republicans lack the fire in the belly, they will not show excitement, unity, they should all be out there openly, loudly campaigning  for Trump.....

      My dad had an old saying.......they are waiting for the fried dove to fly into their mouths!

  • That would be true perhaps if he would be able to stay on for another 4! 

  • "You will OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY"... Quote Obama  A maxim and precept of Communisim

  • With Obummer controlling Biden will any of us even be here in 3 to 5 years?

  • What's the matter, Biden... NOT ENOUGH BATTERIES?  Try SAILS... there is a lot of wind coming out of DC try harnessing it to a truck.

  • JB is doing his level best to destroy the trucking industry, along with just about everything else;  he keeps drawing down the national oil reserve.

    • We can refill the National Oil Reserves in a matter of months... at full production.  Once Trump is in power... DRILL AND PUMP.... baby pump.  Big Energy needs their hands slapped as they are artificially keeping crude and refined oil products low... in order, to reap record profits and move America closer to becoming one more cog in the new world order... controlled by, among others, Big Energy. interests.

    • Hopefully, JB won't be able to drain the Reserve completely dry before we can "change the guard"!!

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