• You are the people are the ones inciting violence with all your lies

  • Nope....jail Joe for his consistent lying.

  • President Donald J. Trump represents we the people and he is one of us. That's why the radical left hating Trump is the same as hating us and America. 

  • The main reason Democrats tried to prevent his election in 2106, and tried to get him removed from office after he was elected, was because their scheme to gain unconquerable longterm political power is predicated on keeping the grossly delapidated southwest border unsecure to allow primarily Mexicans, Hispanics, and Latinos to enter this country and eventually propell them to that one-party dominated Marxist/Socialist power. President Biden proved that when he stopped former President Trump's ongoing project that was designed to finally secure it in accordance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. They are succeeding right before our eyes when you consider the estimated 15-million already illegally here, and the droves coming across the border daily. They know he would not only finsh the project, they know he would continue without reservation, calling out them and their unscropolous mainstream media cohorts. The only way to prevent them from attaining that formidable power is to make sure that no one who did not legally immograte never gain citizenship, nor otherwise obtain auhorization to vote.

  • Why don't these 2 anti-American idiots just shut up.  We all know they don't have 1 brain cell between themselves.

    • Why don't we just stop listening to or even bringing attention to them? Ignore them and they will go away, or they will desperately do something for which we can put them away legally.

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