Judicial System Turns Constitution Into Rubbish

hqdefault-1.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xAs a fervent defender of the Constitution and the rule of law, I passionately reacted to a momentous ruling by a federal appeals court that temporarily lifted a gag order imposed on President Trump.

In a significant triumph for free speech, a federal appeals court wisely decided to temporarily halt the oppressive gag order issued by Judge Tanya Chutkan against former President Donald Trump in the case of Jack Smith's alleged involvement in the January 6 incident in Washington, D.C. This decision serves as a reminder that even those with differing political views deserve the right to express themselves without unwarranted censorship.

The three-judge panel at the DC District Court of Appeals, all known for their liberal activism, shamelessly halted Chutkan's deemed necessary gag order. Fellow patriots, mark your calendars for a pivotal day in our fight for justice and liberty: November 20th, when oral arguments will be heard, providing us with a crucial opportunity to defend our conservative values. Let us prepare ourselves to eloquently articulate our unwavering commitment to the principles that have made our nation.

Last month, former President Trump took a bold step in defense of free speech by filing a motion to halt the unjust gag order imposed by Judge Chutkan, pending appeal. On October 20, Judge Chutkan reluctantly agreed to temporarily lift her own oppressive gag order in the DOJ's politically motivated January 6 case, allowing Trump and Jack Smith to exercise their right to appeal.

In a stunning display of judicial overreach, Judge Chutkan has imposed a gag order that effectively silences former President Trump, preventing him from speaking out against the biased actions of Special Counsel Jack Smith and his team of prosecutors. This outrageous restriction not only infringes upon Trump's right to free speech but also prevents him from shedding light on any potential misconduct or abuses of power within the investigation.

It is a clear attempt to stifle conservative voices and protect the deep state's agenda at all costs. This sets a dangerous precedent that undermines the very foundations of our democracy and must be challenged.

The oppressive gag order effectively silenced Trump, preventing him from holding Jack Smith, his prosecutors, and staffers accountable. It even extended to the Court's staff, supporting personnel, and so-called 'witnesses,' stifling any form of dissent or criticism.

Jack Smith, a self-proclaimed whistleblower, shamelessly spreads falsehoods and manipulates the truth about former President Trump. Not only does he engage in these deceitful tactics, but he also goes as far as intimidating witnesses to further his agenda. However, due to an unjust and unconstitutional gag order imposed by Judge Chutkan, Trump is unjustly silenced and unable to defend himself against these baseless accusations.

Last week, Judge Chutkan, in a controversial move, reinstated a gag order against former President Trump. In her latest ruling, she argued that Trump's passionate defense against what he perceives as an unjust prosecution has been deemed as inflammatory attacks on prosecutors, court officials, and witnesses. Judge Chutkan claimed that these remarks have allegedly threatened to undermine the case and potentially put people at risk.

The courageous appeals court has valiantly halted the oppressive gag order, recognizing its potential infringement on the sacred principles of free speech and transparency. Esteemed conservative journalist Turley astutely observes that this bold action is undeniably momentous in the fight for justice and accountability.

"They had the option to let it persist while they assessed it, but instead, they made the decision, perhaps out of an excess of prudence, to issue this halt until they can conduct a comprehensive evaluation," Turley asserted. I strongly believe that this development holds immense significance due to its potential violation of the Constitution.

I vehemently expressed my opposition to it from the very moment it was initially released. It's truly baffling how the court pushed for this trial to take place before the election, hastily cramming it in right before Super Tuesday," Turley emphasized. And while all candidates in this crucial election will undoubtedly discuss these cases, there is one individual who remains conspicuously silent due to a gag order - Donald Trump.

Turley passionately argued, "It is absolutely outrageous that he is being silenced from criticizing the prosecutors and witnesses. Special counsel Jack Smith's request to expand this order in such an unconstitutional manner has even drawn the condemnation of the ACLU, a known adversary of Donald Trump.

Final Word: This blatant disregard for Trump's and ultimately every U.S. citizen's constitutional rights cannot be ignored. If the court can bulldoze Trump out of the election and possibly into a lifetime of prison, then this leaves no alternative but for the people to remedy this judicial corruption through constitutional means. The very document the judicial system has disregarded and turned into rubbish.

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  • IMHO - The court wants to:

    • Keep Trump off the ballot
    • Take billions of dollors of asset and use them to 'redistribute' Trump's hard earned assets to the scum
    • Fine Trump hundreds of millions of dollars
    • Open Trump up for additional law suites
    • Set the stage for charges of criminal fraud using evdence gathered during the civil trial

    So, the judge will do everything he can to obstruct justice. 

    It will get worse. (sorry to say that) 


  • When the most honest and transparent politician and New York real estate developer gets taken to court, you know that something is seriously wrong with the judiciary. It should be President Trump's number one priority to clean up the judiciary when he is back in the White House.

  • I do not expect the Congress to do much of anything to protect our constitution and bill of rights . However the founding fathers provided a way for "We The People" to take back our government from those that would destroy it . Convention Of The States is the best way to secure the future of America . Article V of the Constitution allows the Convention to impose the will of the people on every branch of government . Example , Term Limits of Congress ,balanced budgit so on and forth .

    As for the FELON iin the white house and those that are protecting him and his associates ,their day in court is coming .


    • Agreed

  • This judge's actions are building a great case for any verdict against Trump to be thrown out... The Judge needs to declare a 'Mistrial' and let the court set a new trial date with an unbiased Judge.  Failure to declare a mistrial adds more credibility to claims that our legal system is critically BROKEN.

    • Yes, I agree. However, if a mistrial is not entered, then Trump can appeal (successfully) if the verdict is not in his favor.  If he wins the appeal then there may be grounds to claim Double Jeopardy siting the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution.

This reply was deleted.