Liberals Attack Peter Rabbit!  

My-project-24.jpg?ve=1&tl=1&profile=RESIZE_400x(PatriotHQ) Really! The left is trying to beat the sh*t out of poor Peter Rabbit! The cancel culture is flexing its muscles and protecting America against horrible racist books and literature, but the problem is it is destroying literature and smothers students in guilt and hate!

The children's book series "Peter Rabbit" is facing criticism as being "problematic" due to allegations that it draws heavily from African slave folk tales. Dr. Emily Zobel Marshall, a lecturer at Leeds Beckett University and an expert in Postcolonial theory, has argued that the stories by Beatrix Potter, the author of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit," likely borrowed elements from "Brer Rabbit," a character from African folk tales that originated before the colonial era.

According to Marshall, there are striking similarities between Brer Rabbit, known for his cunning and ability to outsmart more powerful adversaries, and Peter Rabbit, who is famous for his mischievous plots and distinctive blue jacket. Marshall asserts that Potter's failure to acknowledge her sources and attempts to distance her stories from their origins raise concerns.

Marshall further argues that while the "Peter Rabbit" books are often seen as part of British culture, they actually convey themes of resistance and survival tactics prevalent in the lives of enslaved people on American plantations.

The controversy surrounding "Peter Rabbit" is not an isolated incident. This year, there has been a wider trend of academics scrutinizing children's book series. Roald Dahl's books, in particular, faced international attention after Puffin made alterations to descriptions of characters' physical appearances, removed references to characters being overweight, and introduced gender-neutral language.

It is important to note that Dr. Emily Zobel Marshall did not respond on request for comment on the matter.

IMHO – OMG! This is nuts! The Bible has been condemned and removed from schools as pornographic and now Peter Rabbit has hit the cancel culture. What is next? Is the left going to have a weekly book burning? Are they going to issue armbands and salute their purest flag?

When is going to stop? ….never!

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  • This so-called "Dr." Marshall is another good example of "book-smart-common-sense-stupid" individuals who know nothing about every day life and people; another one who only knows what she studied, memorized and regurgitated  for the length of time it took her to obtain her doctorate.  And like so many others, she never learned to apply her education to real life. When an author creates fiction, their main source of information is the gray matter between their ears; seriously doubt they would list that as source material.

  • The Dems are just mad because there is no such thing as a gay rabbit! 

    • Yep, but they're always angry or offended by anything that comports with God's plan for creation and how He wishes His children to behave.

  • Yep, and we should start preserving books and other precious and time honored writings as the authoritarian censors are likely to continue rewriting them along with our history, like the infamous 1619 Project.

  • Anything to cause hate and discontent!  They should be ignored completely and quit calling them experts. They are doing the devil's work. Anything to destroy.

  • The left is nuts! They are mentally ill, they MUST be called what they are out loud, point fingers, make sure people learn, see what these nutcases are doing. At this point we must speak out, use our voices to wake up those who are possible to wake and stand against evil!

    • I agree Ilona... it is time for the GOP/RNC to experience a BUSH LIGHT Moment... their base has had enough of their ideological BETRAYAL.

      The DEBT CEILING Must not be raised.  Government is too large and spends WAY too MUCH.  Pay the debts we owe out of current revenue and cut spending where necessary to operate within the revenue collected.  Reduce the Debt no more increases.

      Any plan that prints more currency is inflationary and a TAX on the middle class and working Americans... No more taxes, no more inflationary spending.

  • This is just one more example of Marxist cultural revision gone amuck... Brer and Peter Rabit originate from British folklore... not African... There are no Cottontale rabbits in Africa... The indigenous populations ate them before they could poison the African culture with White supremacy. LOL Have you ever seen a Black man, woman, or child dress up like Peter Rabbit in his blue jacket with brass buttons or wear shoes? LOL Ever hear of an African witch doctor using a rabbit's foot to ward off evil spirits... and we are supposed to believe Peter Rabbit was plagiarized by Ms Potter... denying his African heritage.

    Besides, everyone knows that Rabbits are racist... after all, they are predominantly WHITE and we know that anything White is inherently racist. The Book Peter Rabbit was first published in Britain in 1902. by Frederick Warne and Company.... it was not around before the civil war, nor was it authored in the US. It is British. We should know that anything promoted by a professor from a liberal university but did not know that Petter Rabbit was written and published in Britain in 1902 is not qualified to testify on anything culturally substantive... Peter Rabbit is certainly post-colonial and did not exist during the years of slavery.

    • ADMIN

      Why doesn't the left condemn Saul Alinsky's ‘Rules For Radicals’? It is divisive, creates hate for innocent people, and uses race as a weapon! 

      They condemn our Bible why don’t we condemn theirs?

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