• I wonder if this idiot can go to Mexico and vote on their elections 

  • Lindsey is the worst kind of RINO scumbag there is.  He wants everyone to believe he is a conservative Republican BUT almost always votes against what is good for Amerivan. He is the leftover crap that McCain left behind.

  • I can't believe people can't see who this RINO really is!! 

    • People got to vote out all these Rinos and will see what a difference it will be 

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    • The only time he votes Conservative, is when it makes no difference. 

  • These people are traitors inside and out and should be tried and jailed for treason

  • Hell no!!! Not after my South Korean Sister-in-Law who my wife and I sponsored to immigrate, as many thousands of citizens have done to get foreign family members immigrated. All of whom had to pass extensive criminal background investigations and medical examinations before being placed on the National Visa Center (NVC) list to await their turn to complete the immigration process. She waited 14 years (April 2005 to December 2019). Meanwhile, during that time millions of migrants illegally came here across the grossly dilapidated southwest border, while others illegally remained after their visitor visas expired. As of today, many more thousands like my Sister-in-Law are on the NVC list awaiting their turn to complete our immigration process. The above stated facts leave nonexistent any legitimate or moral rationalism for any illegal immigrant to receive amnesty/permanent resident status. PERIOD!!!!

    • Absolutely no amnesty! I waited five years to come here legally and I was trying to leave a communist regime. These people are freely walking away from their past, the only danger to them are the cartels who are leading this migration. They need to apply leagally and wait to see if we find them worthy to live in this country!

  • Graham, China's Bitch Mitch McConnel and all the rest that are supporting this are guilty of Treason. Their only job is to protect the American People. Not illegal invaders. They all should be charged with treason and held accountable

  • Lindsay Graham is a Rino in full sense of the term! ! He and Mitch McConnell both need to go away!! 

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