• This thing   needs to be fired on the spot. !

  • How long has this been going on and parents did not know. How many lives have been ruined. If it had not been for their hatred of Trump we may never been made  aware of what was going on in schools that we fund. Would not have known how rotten the school boards and many teachers were. Now it is up to us to clean this mess up and purge the perverts so our kids and grandkids can learn how to read, write and do math. Our education system is a mess and many Countries are way ahead of us . The neighborhood I live in had several teachers with children and I now know why they sent them to Private schools.


  • A trip to the woods.

  • Sick ass pervert! 

  • In this Person... No, Man...No... Woman...No... Gay... No, Les... No, Non Bin... No, Oh heck  ____________just fill blank defense Joe Biden has promoted the Childhood Transgender Agenda with a Whitehouse Task Force and his new Supreme Court Justice is a major win for the protection of all Democrat Pedophiles now and long into the future! 

  • This man is a Pervert plain and simple. He needs brain surgery just like a cowboy performs on a Bull calf!  

    • Or like the surgery that was performed on One flew over the cuckoo's nest.

  • Want to really get on the nerves of the deviants? Stop calling them 'Gay' and go back kto calling them what they actually are: Homosexuals.

    • That's what I call them. I'm past done with dealing with democrats and fools like this who think that it's ok teach 5 year olds about sex.

    • And using the word sex instead of gender. Sex is purely scientific. Gender is an emotional construct. 

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