Like him or hate him he gets a big 'Thank You' for giving the boot to the Dem committee members! 

  • About time.

  • C.C.  Yeah might work start a rumor Mitch has major dirt on Hillary and Bill.  Mitch might get a major case of depression and commit suicide. Might just work .

  • Mitch McConnell should start taking notes from the new speaker of the House and maybe he and other Republicans will do the job and stop being spineless cowards Republicans 

  • It's easy to offend a demonrat snowflake. McCarthy did nothing big here to redeem himself with we the people. These libtards can't accept defeat and only whine about it. What a bunch of losers.

  • McCarthy's a Rhino...Chip Roy would make an excellent speaker.

  • That's all well and good but how do we get rid of Mitch?? 

    • Ditch Mitch... Hummm Hey wuddahya think about tellin Hillary he has dirt on her?  That always seems to work!

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