• Do like Hungary did. They built a double fence, they keep judges in air conditioned/ heated containers at the crossings, if anyone jumps, the military is there immediately, pick him up, process him, put him on the other side, and now he is in the system in all EU countries and cannot enter any of them for 15 years.

    our jerk makes our military go down there and babysit......they will not be allowed to have guns, or to do anything but help process all th invaders.

  • Amen Admin Dee!! This is one way to make it happen. If anyone can provide a better way, sound off.

    All illegal immigrants would be given one year to self-deport/voluntarily leave this country. Those who leave during that year would have the privilege to return legally. However, during that year, no tax dollars would be spent on their behalf, and the current law that prohibits their employment would be strictly enforced. Knowing that would encourage them to quickly leave.

    Anyone inadvertently discovered here during the normal course of law enforcement and/or other activities during that year would be arrested and deported; and would have the opportunity to return legally.

    Children of those under the age of 18 been that have evidence of having been born here would not be subject to deportation. They would be placed in Foster Care as happens when citizens are incarcerated or deemed to be unfit to care for them. The parent(s) would be deported and have the opportunity to return legally.

    Those found here after the one-year deadline would be deported and would be prohibited from returning here for any reason/circumstance. Their fingerprints and a DNA sample would be taken to ensure they could never return using a different or modified name. Anyone who somehow returned illegally would be arrested, prosecuted, and deported.

    For each illegal immigrant hired, employers would be fined 50,000 thousand dollars; and imprisoned for a minimum of five years.
    Embargo and/or discontinuance of diplomatic relations, commerce, tourism; or a combination thereof, would be assessed against nations and territories that refuse to accept their deported citizens.

    Make an amendment to our constitution to close the gaping loophole that allows children born to illegal immigrant women to by default be deemed citizens of the country or territory of their mothers’ citizenship, not US citizens.
    To prevent a third illegal immigration crisis, borders must be secured. The first and now second crisis occurred due to the grossly dilapidated unsecure southwest border. The bipartisan legislated Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 resolved the first crisis. To prevent another such fiasco, IRCA stipulated that action be taken to prevent and deter future illegal entrance into this country by using physical structures and personnel. The second/current crisis occurred because Presidents George HW Bush, William J. Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama failed to orchestrate getting it secured. However, 30 years later in 2016, an estimated 10.8 million illegal immigrants were in this country due to gross negligence and dereliction of duty on the part of those presidents because each failed to orchestrate securing the border in accordance with IRCA. However, it was during President Obama’s tenure when he was either complicit, condoned, or tolerated Democrat governors and mayors having designated their states and cities as sanctuaries to harbor and coddle illegal immigrants, because he never even condemned their actions, let alone took action to stop it and hold them accountable.

    President Donald J Trump was the only one who initiated and had a project in progress to finally secure the border. But lo and behold, wicked President Joe Biden on his first day in office committed first degree anarchy by having it stopped via executive order. Of course, he did it because secure borders are polar opposite to Democrats' ultra ludicrous, reckless, and corrupt open borders agenda upon which their zeal to gain long term dominant political power is predicated. Their wicked scheme is succeeding, which is to inundate this nation with especially Mexicans, Hispanics, and Latinos whose votes they expect to eventually propel them to unconquerable political power they seek to transform this nation into a one-party dominated dictatorial Marxist/Socialist Society. Bedamned democracy and capitalism propelled it to become the most powerful and greatest nation ever. Of course, the double-digit millions of illegal migrants already here who have been given sanctuary, and the thousands crossing the unsecure border daily would feel obliged and pleased to become democrat voters as payback for shenanigans that aided, abetted, and facilitated their opportunity to be here. It is de facto one of the most shameless wicked, reckless, lawless, and dangerous anarchistic quid pro quo schemes ever concocted. Meanwhile, sponsored foreign family members of citizens continue waiting to complete the immigration process after having already waited 10 or more years. My South Korean Sister In-law waited 14 years (April 2005 to June 2019), during which time millions of aliens illegally came here. There are in real time many like her on a list at the National Visa Center (NVC), all who passed extensive criminal background investigations and physical examinations and waiting their turn to complete the process. Notwithstanding all else explained concerning this issue, that egregious fact alone leaves no legitimate rationalism for any illegal immigrant to remain in this country. If anyone believes they can, sound off! By the way, as have many millions of service members spent their careers, I spent a 30-year Army career serving and sacrificing to prevent adversaries from reaching our borders, let alone crossing them, yet wicked, reckless, and anarchist Democrat leaders not only advocate open borders, but they also actively pursue keeping the southwest border unsecure as a means to propel it to fruition.

    • Agree completely Ozell and my only thought is because corporate America wants the cheaper labor. Huge fines for hiring the illegal labor might get their attention.


    • Ozell-thank you, for your service and sacrifice;sadly it seems our northern border is not any more secure than the southern one, but no one seems to pay any attention to it.

    • June, you're absolutely right. It is inexcusable, indefensible, and unacceptable that this nation’s borders are not the best secured on this planet, because they are without question the most critical of all infrastructure entities, and therefore require priority funding and care. No alien should have the opportunity nor ability to unlawfully come across them undetected, unchallenged, and not stopped and turned back. Securing them should be this nation’s most urgent priority. It should include constructing/installing barriers where needed, electronic surveillance equipment and monitoring stations at designated intervals. They would be staffed with personnel and resources necessary to conduct air and ground patrols, and for station supervisors to have a complete view of their designated areas via electronic equipment installed along them. Concertina and/or razor would be installed along the top of barriers. Securing the borders would be a win-win benefit for this nation because it would provide protection against threats to our sovereignty, security, and safety, and provide many thousands of jobs for citizens.

  • Deploy the military they could round up probably 90% of these illegals, instead of wasting time in a usless fake war in Ukraine!!

    • The illegals, the chaos they cause, and the drug deaths they bring are part of the deep state plan to destroy America so they can make it a 3rd world puppet state of the global dictatorship they lust after!!!!!  I pray daily for a revival that will restore America to "shining city on a hill" status!!!!!!!!!!


  • I agree... All illegal immagrants need to be deported back to where they came from.. If they want to come here, there's a certain procedure they must go through to become citizens of this country.. If you can't do it this way, don't come here.....

  • Those here illegally ARE criminals as well as those who allow it.

    • The democrat's leadership not only allow it, but they also orchestrated it to eventually get votes needed to propel them to long term dominant political power. They have repeatedly demonstrated that no wicked behavior is off limits to achieve that power.

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