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    Look what we found! "Honey, can you drive these over to the Registor of Voters" I know they are done counting but "every vote counts! 


  • POS needs removed.

  • People please don't vote for all this idiots from both parties they all are liers 

  • Think they are above the law?  They are above the law.  In fact, they are the law just like any other despot, or 3rd world dictator, or haven't you noticed?  America is poised to become a 3rd/world country.

    • It's worse... they don't think they are above the law... they have become the law.

    • The law allowed them to become the law when they did nothing as they took over parts of cities, murdered people, burned places, when they allowed them to influence the outcome of trials by threatening to get violent, when they stood as they tore down statues........AND when the law killed, imprisoned, punish those who voted and stood on the right. 

    • Absolutely...

      Tyrants turn the law on its end...  instead of the law serving the people, it becomes the people's master.  We are seeing unlawful mandates having the force of law without having any Constitutional authority.  It is inexcusable that our law enforcement has turned on the people. 

      The police authority and prosecutors don't have to enforce or obey such mandates... however, they would compromise their honor to keep their JOBS.  They would rather serve Mammon and their bellies than the People and the Constitution.  There is no honor left in our social order... self-aggrandizement has replaced honorable service and duty to our fellow citizens.

    • That's the difference between you and I Colonel and as far as I can see the only difference.  You speak of and to, service and honor having belonged to a priveleged caste, having lived by and serving it's ideals.  Now, suddenly that is all gone.  They have discarded all those values as anything this society is willing to recognize, or honor.  It has been discarded, kicked to the curb as it no longer has any worth to these new masters of the universe and the vile, treasonous politicans who serve them. 

      I had an opporitunity to join your caste and decided against.  I make no claim to the dignity and respect afforded to those of your achievements.  I settled into the ranks of the lowest common denominator and I hold my mud with an entranching tool, if necessary and until I'm dead.  But I am not stupid.  I was educated formally and enough to recognize your abilities and accomplishments.  You sir are the real thing still loyal to all the old values and principles, but unfortunately they won't save us anymore.  Your God may save your soul, but He won't restore our rights, establish any fair and social contract.  Historically, east, or west He never has and I submit He never will.  I will continue to fight on sir and to the death, if necessary.  You sir, may be my better and in every respect, but you will never follow me because where I go there are no rules.  War is a race to the bottom.  It is the break down of civilization.  You have treaties and Nuremberg Trials and all that established law only because we won. 

      Without God we are all alone with no one to speak to, but contrary to your scriputres, which you so love to quote asking and praying isn't recieving now is it?  The dead don't come back.  The injustices aren't righted.  The suffereings aren't ameloriated.  Men such as yourself are needed to restore a meaningful and moral civilization when the peace has been won and secured and we both know that only occurs through superior fire power.

    • P/S


      Honor Such A Little Word With Such Great Promise... where has it gone?

      Honor Such A Little Word With Such Great Promise... where has it gone?
      Honor such a little word with such great promise... with it, men establish righteous judgment, and nations are framed to the glory of God... With it…
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