Public Enemy #1 – Identified

11108655887?profile=RESIZE_400x(PatriotHQ) Who is this horrible enemy of America? Putin? Muslim Terrorists, The next virus or Nuclear war with China? No, it is probably YOU! (or at least most of the people reading this article)

Wait till you read this! Saturday, President Joe Biden told black graduates at Howard University  "white supremacy is the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland." He said he wasn't just saying  because the graduates were black. (was he?)

Ironically, Biden said those things during a part of the speech about how the country should work together.

But on the best days, enough of us have the guts and the hearts to stand up for the best in us.  To pick love over hate, unity over division, and growth over going backwards.  White nationalism is the most dangerous terrorist threat to our country, which I said in my Inaugural Address.  (Applause.)

I'm not just saying this because I go to an HBCU for black students.  I say it everywhere.

To choose the truth over lies, especially lies  are told to gain power or money.

Biden also brought up the "fine people hoax," repeating almost word for word his false claim  then-President Donald Trump called the neo-Nazis who rioted in Charlottesville, Virginia, "very fine people." This is a lie  Biden has been telling over and over since he started his campaign in 2019.

Biden has never taken back what he said, and he hasn't stopped repeating the lie, even when he has been told the truth, as in the video below.

He then told the graduates of Howard University to "stand up for the truth over lies."

In his welcome, Biden also forgot the name of Keith Rowley, who is from Trinidad and Tobago. Biden also got Rowley's area of study wrong when he called him a "Latin American guy." Rowley studies rocks.

In conclusion. Notice how the left confuses ‘White Supremacists’ with White People who are nationalists. Big difference. A Nationalist is a person (of any color) who believes in America 1st everybody else 2nd.  But it doesn’t stop there. It seems a White Supremacist is an Anglo who owns a gun no matter what they believe!  The Liberals paint with a broad brush every person who is white is a racist and a supremacist simple because they are white!

So, once again, the left uses race profiling to bully and intimidate.

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  • The only way to reunite this country of ours is to completely eliminate Biden and company!

    • PS-and the left knows it; they know that IS our goal and that is why they want our weapons!  I don't care what they want; I will NOT submit!

  • If Grandma with a single shot shotgun is Public Enemy #1...then what am I? 


    • ADMIN

      Beautiful and dangerous Jewesses mensch!....with a really big gun! (lol) 

  • America first doesn't mean everyone else must suffer or be last... History dictates that where liberty exists everyone prospers.   America has a history of promoting individual and national liberty... soverignty and respect for the culture and laws of others  That doesn't mean we have to step aside for other cultures or governments.  

    On the contrary...  in order for America to retain its power and influence in the world it MUST remain TRUE TO ITS FOUNDING PRINCIPLES and its greatness.  Our diversity (checks and balances) in government are strengths, not weaknesses.  Conforming to a new world order, and its woke agenda for governing and community are incompatible with universal peace and economic secuirty.  We must not fall for the leftists and their Marxist allies' socialist agenda in government.

    There is nothing wrong with being an American Nationalist... there is everything wrong with being a Communist international socialist.

  • This point of view is only going to become worse with the passage of time... these new graduates will soon take up leadership positions in government and our public institutions... a growing malignancy is spreading to every facet of our government and culture... Violence may well become the only venue to restore Constitutional protections for all races and ethnic groups in America... as one group of supremacists attempts to replace another. 



  • No, the liberals don't need to be in a mental institution - - alone of them need to be in prison, long term; some of those need execution for treason, but the majority of their followers need "mandatory" re-education, in American civics, in a NON-LIBERAL educational institution.

    • devildemocommiecrats and about 90% of the gop should be dangling from a gallows forTREASON!!!!!!!!!!  There are a few republicans who are patriots but too few and are kept on the sidelines by mccarthy and mcconnell so they can't bring justice and control by We the People back to government!!!!!!!!!!


    • Sorry, that should read "most of them" need to be in prison. Don't even know what I was thinking when I wrote it!!

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