• A good job? What world is this idiot living in?

  • IMO Clybourn is brain dead.  The only thing Kamala Haris is good for is cackling and word salads that say absolutely nothing.  Just what we need is another brain dea individual in the White Hosue.  As it is brain dead people control the Senate.

  • I only heard of one thing she was good for or good got her all the way to be VP

  • Dumb and Dumber.

  • Isn't this the same moron who said the island of Guam could tip over and capsize because too many Marines were on one end?????  He is a monumental example of STUPID!!!!!!!!!!

    • No Bob. It is completely understandable you got the two mixed up; because the Democrati Party have so many lunatics and they are both African Americans. It was Georgia's Representative Hank Johnson. It was years ago when I also watched and heard Hank's remarks that turned out to be an ultra-hilarious episode on late-night talk shows. I compared that incident with the guy who attempted to rob a fast-food restaurant in Virginia and gave the staff his telephone number and told them to call him when their boss returned with the combination to the safe. Of course, they called, and he was arrested by police upon returning. You cannot make this up!!!!

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    • And just as corrupt and even dumber!!!!!!!!!!


  • Clyburn talks as crazy as he looks. Somehow we need term limits to get rid of these fools. 

  • What planet are these morons from?? Surely there is no fixing stupid!!

  • This man is out of his damn mind. The Democratic Party is systemic with lunatics. He is the one whose endorsement got wicked Joe elected.

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