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  • Sooooo, they'll be replaced by perhaps worst leftists!

  • Let's hope their constituents are intelligennt and informed enough to vote for someone honest.

    • Ever try talking to one of them. Completely brainwashed and stupid.


    • I wouldn'tt bet on it!


    • Neither would I. Thre's too much greed in them to do that.

    • How do we know if they are honest? How many times were we excited about a candidate who after being elected disappointed us?

    • That is the very reason we should be checking each candidate's prior voting records, or other background activities before we ever vote for them.  Too often people vote for someone simply because their name is on the "right side" of the ticket; other voters are just lazy and simply vote a "straight" party ticket without giving any thought about "who" is actually on the ticket.

    • Amen!

  • Something like this? 


    • I think we the people should have an agreement, if a candidate goes against anything they ran on, we can fire them!

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