5d01875c2100009518ea5ce8.jpeg?ops=1778_1000&profile=RESIZE_400xDid this happen in China or Russia? NO! It happened in Indiana U.S.A. but the Communist regimes and dictators are greatly encouraged by how the USA is flipping into totalitarianism.

Unbelievable!  No child abuse, no child endangerment, and no abusive parents. As a matter of fact the parents and child love each other and want to be together, but the State said: NO!

This child grabbing by the State situation has ignited a nationwide discussion about parental rights, religious freedom, and transgender topics, a Catholic couple from Indiana is escalating their battle to the Supreme Court following their child being taken from their home due to a dispute regarding gender identity.

Mary and Jeremy Cox have taken their case to the highest court in the country in the matter of M.C. and J.C. v. Indiana Department of Child Services. In 2019, their child, who was born male, expressed a wish to identify as a girl, starting their journey.

Sticking to their Catholic beliefs  individuals are born with a biologically determined sex, the Coxes chose not to use their child's preferred name and pronouns.

Not only has the child been taken from the parents but the parents are being ‘pronoun punished’ through the process of ‘child forfeiture’.  In other word the parents have forfeited their right to their child and the State has administered pronoun punishment and denied the parents from directly loving and caring for their child.  

The parents decision led to an investigation by Indiana officials in 2021, even though no claims of abuse or neglect were proven against the Coxes. The state ultimately took the child from their custody, stating  the disagreement over gender identity was distressing to the child, and placed them in a "gender-affirming" home.

Becket, a legal organization representing the Coxes, argues  the state's actions infringe upon the parents' constitutional rights and religious freedoms. Lori Windham, who serves as vice president and senior counsel at Becket, stressed  the Coxes should not have had to endure such treatment, especially considering  no abuse or neglect was discovered.

"The Court should consider this case and emphasize  states cannot separate children due to differences in beliefs," Windham stated.

The Coxes have emphasized their love for their child and have actively pursued therapeutic care, which includes addressing any underlying mental health issues. Unfortunately, they were unable to take care of their child because of the state's involvement.

"This is what every parent is afraid of," Mary and Jeremy Cox stated in a press release. We deeply cherish our son and were committed to providing for him, but the state of Indiana deprived us of  chance by removing him from our home and prohibiting us from discussing gender with him.

This situation highlights the larger discussions within society regarding transgender rights, parental autonomy, and the state's involvement in family issues. Detractors claim  the state's actions establish a concerning pattern, encroaching on parental rights and religious convictions.

"If this can happen in Indiana, it can happen anywhere," Windham cautioned. Separating a child from caring parents due to their religious beliefs, which are held by many Americans, is a violation of the law, parental rights, and fundamental human decency.

This case's outcome could have significant implications for families nationwide facing similar difficulties.

Final Word: If the State can confiscate a child, tearing them from the arms of their loving parents in the name of Diversity, Inclusion, Equity then what would keep them from separating seniors from their caregivers, children from their Grand-Parents, Mothers from their daughters and sons from their daddies? …………….Welcome To 1984, George Orwell has been excepting you.

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  • WE AMERICANS are so far under the bus, that all the NWO has to do at this point is to use their propaganda machine (all tv stations) for a couple of days and just tell us it’s over. That there is no longer a USA and we are now designated as a part of the North American Union, and that would be it! After all, what are you going to do about it, NOTHING! We no longer have a border, we no longer have a constitution, we no longer have law and order. It’s ALL GONE! If the American people were going to do something, they would have!!!

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  • With no evidence of child abuse or endangerment, the state has overreached its authority... However, leftist social service workers are not disciplined for engaging in what was called KIDNAPPING a few short years ago. This and other similar cases are becoming routine. 

    Parents and family organizations need to coalesce in their efforts to combat what has become institutional kidnapping... Parents and family organizations everywhere need to target social service agents who abuse their authority demanding Criminal Prosecution when State Social Services kidnaps a child,  Wrongful removal of a child from the custodial parents is or was criminal conduct... not appropriate administrative action.

    LAWFUL DUE PROCESS ending with a valid Court Order for removal... is the ONLY way social services should be able to remove a child from its parental home. 'Due Process' must be followed unless CLEAR physical abuse places a child at serious risk of physical harm.  Then, an emergency order signed by a judge should be used UNTIL full due process results in a permanent order.

    It is time to hold psychologists and so-called social service workers 'accountable'... for abusing their powers by wrongfully removing children from their parents. The psychological trauma that forced removal causes far outweighs any good it may do  Prison terms for improper removal are in keeping with our cultural and historical views regarding the illegal forced removal of children from parents. 

  • What about the rights of the parents? They are being denied the love of their child. 

    • This appears to be a Seriously PIVOTAL SITUATION.

  • This is typical of the totalitarian attitudes of the devildemocommiecrats!!!!!  I daily pray asking Almighty God, when the punishment comes, that His children be spared and only the evil ones receive the punishment, i e the Sodom and Gomorrah punishment!!!!!!!!!!

  • INDIANA or it's legal representatives have broached a seriously dangerous precedent with this heinous action. Families everywhere should be ringing their telephones off the hook and banging on their doors to return this child immediately. INDIANA, or whoever represents it has asserted Authority to bring COMMUNISM into it's government..........THE PERPETRATORS OF THIS AUTHORITATIVE ABUSE NEED TO BE IDENTIFIED AND SINGLED OUT FOR INTERROGATION AS TO THEIR AFFILIATIONS.

  • Pronouns:

    If HE or SHE is unacceptable, the only one remaining is:  IT

  • I can see where we're headed. Total Government control, just like in the old Soviet Union. 

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