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The Supreme Court ruled in favor of protecting abortion rights in the case June v. Russo Monday.

The court's opinion, led by Justice Stephen Breyer, "found that conditions on admitting privileges common to hospitals throughout the State have made and will continue to make it impossible for abortion providers to obtain conforming privileges for reasons that have nothing to do with the State’s asserted interests in promoting women’s health and safety."

The case, June Medical Services v. Russo, called into question the constitutionality of a Louisiana law that mandated abortion clinics have admitting privileges in hospitals within a 30-mile radius, which would have winnowed down the number of abortion providers in Louisiana to one.

The Louisiana Legislature passed the law in 2014 on the basis that requiring abortion providers to have admitting privileges would protect women’s health, and competent abortion providers would be able to obtain privileges. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, however, wrote in its Supreme Court brief that this was not the case, as hospitals have the authority to refuse to grant privileges to abortion providers. Complications in abortion procedures are rare, and the odds that hospitals would reap financial benefits from granting admitting privileges to abortion providers are very low.

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  • Do I understand this? Louisiana can't require that abortionists have admitting privileges at a hospital because hospitals have the authority to refuse to grant privileges to abortopm [pvoders? And that is somehow discriminatory? The statute itself provided that "competent" (scary word) abortion providers would be able to obtain privileges. The Supreme Court has to stay out of local policy issues. Abortion is not a constitutional right other than thanks to the deluded ramblings of William O Douglas on privacy and the tortured reasoning of Roe v Wade, a decision even more misbegotten than Dred Scott. And never mind the fact that abortion is essentially a permit for genocide against black people (whose lives matter, right?). Stopping this charade is more than overdue

    • Very well said, Morgan. I could not have put it any better.


  • Dee, you don't need to believe the fake polls and the fake news. Trump is a born winner, everything he touches turns to gold, he has been an amazing president, which is why Americans will put him back into the White House with another landslide win. Trump2020!!!

  • This reply was deleted.
    • We are not to rejoice at the suffering of the wicked or desire judgment to fall upon the wicked... we are to warn the wicked of their evil ways and pray for their soul that they may be saved... in the day of judgment... the tears of many shall witness their needless destruction.  Take pride in the saving of souls and the welcoming home of the repentant man... for so did our Lord rejoice at the return of the prodigal son and the lost sheep... let us also with great joy embrace the confessed sinner and repentant soul.

    • Don't worry I sure wouldn't allow you anywhere near my units... two terms in Viet Nam and 14 Months in Iraq... and no complaints from my troops but I am a little particular with whom I work.

  • TIme to investigate Judge Roberts and the adoption of his two children... there are several reports that it was an illegal transaction and that he is being coerced or blackmailed to make decisions he would not normally make ...  If this is the case he must resign or be impeached.

    • Time to investigate more than the possible adoption of his children!  Beautiful children, by the way, and I would not want to hurt those children!
      I've been told he has other issues he may be being blackmailed for!  Something much worse than an illegal adoption!


  •  I know one thing that would definitely "protect women's health": DON'T MURDER INNOCENT BABIES IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE! Not one of them is thinking of THEIR health! This is so diabolical I could scream!

  • The biggest farce is not the abortion clinics themselve but linking abortion to the health and safety of the woman all the while murdering the life in her womb. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, must be rolling over laughing in hell after hearing that SCOTUS decision. What a contradiction for that group to have a name denoting parenthood when they serve just the opposite, - planned murder.

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