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  • And we thought Benghazi was bad.

  • The American People are only "Losers" if their Leaders Allow Them To Be. America has Satellites and Drones capable of pinpoint accuracy in creating oblivion to any known group of enemies, anywhere. It is just a matter of choice of where and when. 

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • At times such as these it is easy to picture a group of people running around the "Titanic" searching for the exact causes and places to lay blame. Meanwhile the Ship sank. The immediate issue are those who aided America while "We" were in Afghanistan, and "How to prevent them from " Retaliation by the Taliban. "

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Absolutely Correct Dianne!

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • Well take all those Responsible Military Leaders Outside, and whack them on the "Weewees! Probably more effective that any other discipline that will occur.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

  • M Lopez,

    You consistently put forth accusations, blame and fault, yet One has yet to hear a "Single Solution Suggested!" Useless Seagulls serve as much purpose.

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain


    • One solution I suggested long ago when the removal of troops was first discussed: create Kabul as a sancuary city with US and allied troops securing the perimeter with orders to shoot to kill anyone coming within 50 yds without clearance. If attacked the Air Force or Marine Corp helicopters could respond with orders to shoot to kill.

      From that position we could create a 'safe' haven and atmosphere to remove those who aided us and fly out others who would otherwise be slaughtered by the Taliban.

      It would have provided a complex for talks of transfer and if possible treaties securing the transfer of power safely. Now the city has become another Saigon, only worse.

  • As Mainland Christian Americans we once condemned the Inuit for placing their Elderly on "Ice Flows when they were no longer of use to the Tribe." Are "We better for abandoning women and children" when they are no longer of use to us?

    Lynn Bryant DeSpain

    • Say, you remembered. I am gratified.

      Tragically, our government servants are taken to acting independent to our interests, nowadays.

      So I cannot say that their actions reflect the Peoples will. My hope is that day its will shall be acted upon them.

  • WOW folks, the Bible is speaking!

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