• Doesn't fit the narrative so it never happened! 

  • I KNOW who it wasn't, white straight conservative supporters of President Trump or their names and faces would be widely publicized and it would be the ONLY thing talked about by devildemocommiecrats and the Pravda/Goebbels fake news propagandists 24/7!!!!!!!!!!

  • I saw a couple of names yesterday, they were regular "English" names

  • Without special powers we all know it wasn't a white man! 

    • The "AUTHORITIES" had better GROW SOME SPINE ALSO. Ill bet they didn't arrive by donkey or pachyderm and i wouldn't want to give camels a bad name.   

    • Ahhhhhh, are you suggesting they are of the religion that was started by an illiterate, murderous pediphile, who was regected by his own and could only make friends among all the regects of the town?

    • ?--The same guy who said he flew on a red horse from Medina to Mecca ?

    • Or was it from Mecca to Medina?

    • FRONTWARDS OR BACKWARDS, PROBABLY A LIE. The GREEK Mythological steed had no rivals.

    • When they chased him out of Meccahe May have felt he was flying trying to keep his life!

      he made up the entire Koran.....flying on a red horse is not that big in comparison.

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