The Problems We Are Facing Today


I admittedly am an adherent of the Traditional Values that once served to make America the strongest bastion against dictatorial regimes around the world, and even sacrificed it's young men to gain freedom for the downtrodden.
It was the Left, through the Democrats political correctness and laws, that the Moral values of the Ten Commandments, which connect us with God and with each other in mutually beneficial life styles, was deliberately torn asunder, to be replaced with basically the opposite value system.
Due to self centered hedonistic complacence and a half century or more of subtle brainwashing, America has taken on the mantle of a corrupt Oligarchy comparable to the old autocracy of the now defunct Soviet Union. 
All this is happening under the guise of a 'Democracy'. 
The Democratic Socialists of the Democrat Party have turned a Constitutional Republic into nothing less than a National Socialist 'Democracy', a democracy controlled as are all dictatorships, by a small group of Autocrat Oligarchs. These oligarchs are the elite billionaires who must kowtow to their own financial overlords. 
Never lose sight of the fact that Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild was thought to be the originator of this quote; "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws." A scion of Mayer Rothschild, Nathan Meyer Rothschild, said: "Who controls the issuance of money controls the government!". This seems to be true since the Rothschilds have been financing wars and controlling nations since Napoleon's time if that premise is correct. 
Follow the money.
See the Corruption.
None less than William Pitt made this statement: "Let the American people go into their debt-funding schemes and banking systems, and from that hour their boasted independence will be a mere phantom." He realized the maxim that the Rothschilds laid down as fundamental: "Let us control the money of a country and we care not who makes its laws. Seems we are at that place right now where the Biden administration is planning to change the money system to digital, to control everyone's finances with the touch of a button. The administration does not even pay a passing consideration to Constitutional Law. Americans can't seem to get their heads around just how dire a threat to our lives this is. 
By creating new digital money, the government can devalue or increase the value of money existing in circulation. In simple fact there will be no currency to circulate. When that happens, just as in the past like the FDR administration, the value of "money" will decline. You will not be legally able to use Gold or Silver to purchase anything. In fact you won't be able to purchase anything without your Digital Currency account. Kinda like the warning in Revelation about having the mark of the beast to purchase anything. It will lower the buying power of those forced to use it and have no control over the ability to safely save it up like we can do with physical currency. 
The Government in turn can use any amount of digital currency to purchase assets on the free market, making the free market a controlled market, a controlled market does not react to supply and demand. A controlled market says; you are allowed only this, you will pay this much for it, so take it or leave it, we don't care. Any competition with the wishes of the ruling Oligarchs will not be allowed, and competition will end with the populace in thrall to whatever living conditions the oligarchs decide. It actually gives the oligarchs dominion over the life and death of their populace at the oligarchs whims. It is a return to the old "Divine Rights of Kings" prior to the Magna Charta and erases all the freedoms which stemmed from it to the present. 
Assuming the Greed for money and power is a fact with the Elites, you can see their ongoing desire to "Make us safer by confiscating civilian firearms," is only self serving claptrap used to prevent an armed revolution and reduce any threats against them, when they impose their rule on us. That and the revamping of our finances with digital currency.
We can only do that by removing liberal and left leaning politicians from power, then get our national house in order by relegating the importance of the current excesses to the point where they represent their actual percentage of the population. No more no less.
The Tradesman

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  • Tradesman, you, and mostly everyone in the TP, are “adherents of the Traditional Values that once served to make America the strongest bastion against dictatorial regimes around the world.”  Be proud of that as we all should be.  The liberals believe in coincidences as they do political correctness.  Where coincidences replace God’s intervention in the Christian’s life, so political correctness replaces all of God’s laws for us, including the Ten Commandments in the non-Christian’s life.  BTW, the liberals also want to replace our God with each of us as our own God.  These, and other replacements, have been developing in general since the late 19th century and more strongly since WWII and with an urgency since 1954 and with extreme urgency since 2016.  Who allowed this to continue?  It falls fully and squarely and primarily on the backs of all Christians.   The Laodicean church was the “lukewarm” church.  Revelation 3:15 says it this way: “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot.”  We are that church.  We gave up God’s prophets, healers, speakers of heavenly languages and those that translate the speakers (often prophecy), and such for Satan’s prophets (Professor Yuval Noah Harari), etc.  When a vacuum is created, something must fill it.  You dismiss God (no prophets, no healers, no tongues and the translation of them, no Ten Commandments hung in school classrooms, no prayers during school functions during and after school hours, no Bible readings during opening exercises, no religious songs performed in concerts, and no Christian clubs allowed to meet in school) and Satan/evil will rush in to fill that vacuum.  Some schools do not recite the Pledge of Allegiance for two reasons:  mostly that stance revolves around the phrase “under God,” and, to a lesser extent, “It is patriotic!”  And we all sat back in our smugness and raised not one finger: not even one little finger.  Laodicean.  We are still doing that.  Democratic, liberal, leftist, and socialist.  They labeled all of this as Democratic platform.  Any other label would frighten people from their “self-centered hedonistic complacency.”  As we became accustomed to each of these successive labels, we progressed from one label to the next label.  Having become accustomed to those labels and what they imply, we are now being forced to address the final two labels that are beginning to awaken those who can be awakened: communism and one-world-order.  We now have lost respect for the Holy Spirit, Father God, Jesus, God in general, parents, family, teachers, those in authority, law, congress, the Constitution, courts, the presidency, and each other, and, mind you, even each other within the membership of Tea Party.   I hate it when I see us calling each other names.  We should have respect for each other, even when we disagree, but we do not.  Laodicean.  We only learn through listening and, just maybe, the other’s thoughts have some validity.  And, even if they have no validity in your thinking, they have the right of free speech and should be respected and left alone.  Perhaps their thoughts are valid in someone else’s mind.  When power, money, position, and popularity become god, we have lost.  And we are there due to the Laodicean attitude and our disrespect for God’s will for our world, for our country, and for our respective lives.  For the non-repentant Christian, God says that He will spew you out of His mouth. 

    Gold and silver will be required of you.  They are God’s money.  As the dollar collapses, they will be your only safety net.  But giving change in gold or silver, especially on the international market, will be impossible.  Purchasing on the international market will be fruitless.  This can actually happen any time after September 24.  Search Bo Polny for instructions on the riskiness of purchasing cryptocurrencies and how to buy them safely.  Do not trust banks!  If you buy them and store them in your “wallet,” the banks and the government cannot seize or manipulate them in any manner (Bo Polny).  However, sometime in the future, during the tribulation, perhaps just before that era, gold and silver will be outlawed as it will be a sign of a Christian and not recordable in the account contained on your imbedded chip.  Gold and silver were created by God to be used as money.  The enemy cannot dissolve that.  Think not?  If you could control all silver, those who want it would give you their “spouse and children for it.” 

    • Who is responsible for the present world and its debacle... How about  LEADERSHIP?..

      Every generation has its natural set of leaders and constituents... the captains of industry, society, and government and the crew of their vessels. Blaming the crew of the Titanic for the Captain's irresponsible and reckless piloting and its sinking would be wrong.  Blaming the constituents of our political leaders for the systemic corruption in our Government is also wrongheaded.

      We hire leadership and technicians to keep our ship of state functioning properly... we put our trust in these captains of industry and government.  We establish reasonable safeguards to HELP keep our leadership in line… the Constitution and our existing Laws.  However, over time the GRADUAL erosion of leadership’s loyalty to the common good has become corrupted and DISTORTED to the point that the common man is unable to KNOW who is running what, and who remains loyal to the body of their constituents and the nation. 

      Don't blame the people... they are SHEEP... we don't blame sheep for following their shepherd into the Lion’s den or slaughterhouses of the world... We know and understand they are simply doing what is natural for sheep…. Following their shepherd… leaders.

      Betrayal and evil have corrupted the leadership in both major political parties… to a point where the people have no real choice in who leads them or for what purpose their government operates.  The government no longer serves the interests of the public and the people’s voice has been muted.  The well of liberty has been poisoned and our votes hijacked.  

      Today, our votes are cast for the lesser of evils...  that is not choice, that is coercion and rigged government. There is no choice where the choices are between the lesser of evils. The People are being managed, herded like sheep into the slaughterhouses of the greedy and corrupt.  Focusing our blame on the sheep will NEVER result in replacing the bad shepherd... they are the problem.

      Leadership that is corrupt and has no sense of honor… and no foundation or blueprint for good government results in cultural and government chaos. The lack of moral standards and leadership by example has destroyed our heritage and its cultural and social guidepost that gave us good government.

      The Church and Family failed to properly train our generation in the ways of righteousness… They failed to inculcate their children with the moral and religious fundamentals essential to sustain good government and a prosperous nation.  The Greatest Generation succeeded at War, only to fail in keeping the peace and providing their children with the core values and character necessary to sustain a moral and just system of government. The Greatest Generation failed to train the current generations in the ways of righteousness and God’s law.  The result of their neglect can be seen in our town squares, on our city streets, and in the living rooms of our families.  We must repent of our error and begin the process to restore the values and moral rectitude of our forefathers before America can be great again… librty and the blessings of freedom are rapidly disappearing in the chaos we have sown in America.

    • Leadership does as it is allowed to do.  Where were our Christian leaders?  Were they having tea with the church ladies?  Were they helping at a soup kitchen or writing Letters to the Editor about something which needed correction?  Were they helping in a prison or reform school?   Were they composing cute sermons that don't quote Jesus?  Were they hunting for philosophical statements that support their sermon's thread instead of God’s word?  Were they pleased that their sermon offended no one?  Were they telling their congregations that the gifts of the Spirit as listed in I Corinthians 12 were no longer in existence, that they were only for the time of the Acts, yet they offer no Biblical evidence of that stance?  Were the clergy telling their members that only the poor and uneducated believed in such things?  Why is there a division between black and white churches?  Why is there a division between Pentecostal and Charismatic churches?  Power, greed, and money!  The best politicians are the mainline church leaders: offend no one, keep your membership numbers as high as you can, and bring in the money!  Let me ask you a different set of questions.  Were the Presbyterians organizing with the Methodists, Lutherans, Baptists, or any other division of Protestantism?  Were the mainline churches aligning with the divisions of the Pentecostal movement?  Were the white churches aligning with the black churches?  Were the protestant churches aligning with the Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches?  A last few questions, Ron.  Did all the officials of these various churches join together, and did these officials invite their ministers, priests, pastors, and bishops to join with them, and did these officials, up and down the "ladder" invite their congregants to join with them?  This would be millions of people!  Why should they be joining together, Jack?  To protest, Ron!  Protest what, Jack?  They could have, and should have, protested the removal of prayer from public schools, the removal of anything religious from any and all school related activities, and the "right to an abortion."  You are very experienced, Ron, and even more intelligent.  Continue that list for yourself.  If protests were held by joined Christian’s of all faiths, in county seats, in state capitols, and in DC, then the majority of our national, state, and local leaders would fall into place very fast.  But this joining together to protest has never happened.  Our political leaders did what they chose to do: get rich, go on marvelous trips, enjoy fine food, get richer, make pretty speeches like pretty sermons, and get re-elected.  The real leaders are in the pulpits: make no mistake about that.  He who controls a nation's money controls the country?  No!  He who directs a person's life-journey and eternal destination controls the country.  That person who has that money was only permitted to do so by the people with their inalienable rights given by Jehovah God.  You even admit to this, Ron.  "The lack of moral standards and leadership by example has destroyed our heritage and its cultural and social guidepost that gave us good government."  Who teaches those morals, Ron?  The church leaders.  You could name others.  Teachers teach morals.  Yes, but who taught them?  Church leaders ultimately!  With Roe v. Wade it was all reversed.  A few church leaders and many good people started the protests decades ago.  It took them 60 years to accomplish what could have been accomplished in months via church leaders.  You seem to agree with me on much herein.  But you want to blame general leadership.  I can see millions of clergy pointing the finger at the evil government.  We've known since colonial days that all government is basically evil, a necessary evil.  Why?  Because it is comprised of humans.  Humans are basically evil, so why would our government not be evil.  It is up to us to govern our personal evil ways - with God's help.  Some folks do not share that sentiment, so we set up a government of laws to regulate people.  Our moral leaders, our church leaders and church hierarchy should be leading us in that endeavor: monitoring and adjusting governmental activities.  How many of our founding fathers and their closest colleagues were ministers?  We have a form of this monitoring, but it is without substance.  Don't offend your congregation!  Don't offend your citizens!  Look where that attitude has brought us!  Asking people to DO something nowadays is like whistling in the wind.  The Laodicean church attitude has flooded us.  “If it has to be, it is up to me.”  Cute.  Most often, “the voice of one shouting in the wilderness” is lost.  God must intervene now.  Our prophets say that already is the case, that the proof of that involvement is occurring, but the whole world will see His dissolvement of our remaining troubles in one day - suddenly.  When??? Who knows, but indications are very, very soon.  The prophets will not say a date because God has not given them a date.  Bo Polny says perhaps Sept. 24 through 27.  We shall see.  Buy silver as it has been forced to remain cheap.  Gold is not.  Buy cryptocurrencies.  Bitcoin is expensive.  Other cryptocurrencies are less expensive with some costing cents.  But when the dollar collapses, gold and silver will skyrocket.  Some cryptocurrencies will disappear while others will also skyrocket.  Go to Bo Polny's website.  CODE WLT.   Good talking with you, Ron!!  (BTW, look for a massive storm on the east coast which will directly affect DC.)

    • John…

      You open by stating: “Leadership does as it is allowed to do”.   Wrong… good leadership leads, it does what is best for those they lead…. iT DOESN'T necessarily follow a populace calling.  Good leaders inspire good works and effective government their statesmanship convinces the opposition it doesn't yield to it.  Bad leaders go along to get along… they do what is convenient even when they know capitulation is destructive to the whole.  They would rather be popular than effective leaders.

      The best leaders are both effective and popular… the people recognize their efforts as sincere and effective even when it requires their sacrifice or inconveniences them.  Great leaders counter adversity with success and the skillful use of their appeal to their constituents to promote sound policy and government.  Great leaders convince the opposition to support their plans and policies. 

      What we have today is bad leadership… leaders that FOLLOW POLLS instead of proven programs and precepts for effective government… we have leaders that change direction with the wind… looking to retain their popularity over governing effectively.  No, I take that back ... what we have today is TERRIBLE LEADERSHIP. it isn't broken, it is non-existent. 

      Leaders lead... they don’t take a poll... or ask for a show of hands to decide what programs and policies are best for the whole of their constituents.  Theyare not bullied or coerced into making bad decisions.

  • Time for Christian to stand up and defend your beliefs. Who should you fear if God is with you not the devil that's for sure.Time to give God thanks for the food you about to eat when ever you go out to a restaurant. Time to pray silent when you are at school or at work remember if others religion have the so do Christains remember Satan and his children fear the empty cross and most of all the resurrection.Remember our constitution "Freedom of Religion " Show evil that our Lord is all about loving all even your enemy show evil that you are the light of the world and they are the darkness of the world and this nation which is one nation under God will not surrender to evil 

  • Question:  Does anyone think we have a choice?  Does anyone believe that the people who have brought us this far, haven't already thought this all out?  And I'm so happy for all those who have wood burning stoves and produce their own food.  Do they ever wonder about old age when such a physical subsistence type of existence becomes so difficult as to almost be impossible?  And as much as I am plused by their little house on the prairie anecdote, it does little good as any sort of antidote for the other 360 million other people living in America, does it? 

    • What you say is correct to a point, Lopez.  I can live it out in my mountainous rural area, but someone in Philly has not the land nor trees nor the knowledge to do so.  But there is an answer other than what you propose, Lopez.  God.  Whether you believe it or not matters little.  The people thought Noah crazy.  He built a boat.  What is that?  To save his family from the rain?  What is rain?  The rain will cause a flood?  Worldwide?  What is a flood?  He has been building that stupid thing for 120 years.  He must be crazy!!  And a drop of rain fell.  I guess it rained on the crowd's parade.  Hint: One person plus God is a majority.

    • One person plus God may be a majority, and it may provide you with a great deal of comfort, but what it most decidedly doesn't do is give a man a middle class salary to raise a family on and that majority doesn't keep the government out of your affairs, or pay the debilitating expense of an IRS audit.  I neither belittle, or disparage God.  Nor the central role He may play in your, or anyone else's life, but these issue aren't spiritual.

    • lopez, EVERYTHING is spiritual, the Bible, in Epesians 6:12-13, says "We don't wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness inthe heavenly places.  Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand".  I pray daily that God will fight this battle for us, as He did for the Israelites many times.  I will do what I can but God is the most important element in this.  Faith has brought me through a lot and will get me through this.  Discounting God is not a good plan on your part but to each his own. America is in this mess because many have pushed God out of their lives, or not allowed Him in to start with!!!!!  America, controlled by satanists for decades, has pushed God out of the schools and the public forum so satan has taken over and we now have devildemocommiecrats in charge and the just as evil Pravda/Goebbels fake news media running their narrative for them.  Prayer is ALWAYS my first move and you would be wise to follow suit!!!!!!!!!    


    • I appreciate your concern and advise.  You take the spiritual and I'll take the superior ground with overlapping, interlocking fields of fire.  Each to his own.

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