• They pushed Obama the same way they pushed Biden......they had to be elected to push the agenda. Crooked as hell both of them, guilty as hell both of them.......but shhhhhhhh, don't admit it out loud, they did well for the cause and NOTHING will happen to them. 

  • Yep, and several generations of deluded but dedicated Marxists have become quite adept at training, supporting and deploying small armies of indoctrinated "useful idiots" in our country to foment division and create chaos as justification to turn the awesome power of the centralized, authoritarian state against We the People. The young Obama was mentored by family friend, Frank Marshal Davis who was a card carrying member of the Marxist, Communist Party of America. But the states preceded and constituted the union that we call the United States of America, and we must use that Constitution to save the Constitution, and the God-given freedoms that it is designed and intended to protect and defend.. An Article V Convention of States remains as perhaps the last, peaceful and constitutional option to bypass the corrupted Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of the federal government, and to restore citizen self-governance to our union of sovereign states in accordance with the guidance provided by Divine Providence during our founding. What are we waiting for?

  • The sheeple have been programmed that Obama GOOD, Trump BAD. They also have been separated from the truth, classic Gaslighting. Most have formed an indelible image of President Trump that won't easily be changed with mere facts. 

    • Can you imagine being so brainwashed by the radical left that you can't see the truth anymore? The sheeple know only black and white, good and bad. They are sick and need to be treated accordingly.

    • Sadly many of them will vote again before they can be stopped. 

  • No surprises here . Like the Bible says your sins will find you out.  Short Rope and a A Tall Tree!! 

    • The sad thing is Obama and his party have been committing treason with the help of the RINOs but nothing's been done about any of it except talk so the othr side is aidnign and abetting their treason.


    • The reason Republicans cannot and have not done anything about it is because they have not had dominant congressional power and the White House at the same time to do so since Obama's tenure. That's the power they need to fire and hold DOJ and FBI officials accountable.

    • Yep

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