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Subject: Fw: Title Deed to earth

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 The Seven Seals constitute the Title Deed to earth and all that is in it, since it was purchased with Jesus’ blood. 
The " SEVEN SEALED BOOK " is the " TITLE DEED " to the redeemed inheritance. In Old Testament days when a kinsman desired to redeem a property he took his position, with ten men (Elders) as witnesses, in the gate of the city and advertised his purpose. This is beautifully illustrated in the story of Boaz and Ruth.

The manner of redemption of a lost inheritance is beautifully set forth in the Old Testament. A property could not be alienated from the original owner or his heirs for a longer period than 50 years, at which time it reverted to the original owner. If however for some reason the owner was forced to sell it, it could be redeemed by the next of kin on the payment of the proportionate amount of its value due until the next "Year of Jubilee." Lev. 25:8-17. Two illustrations of this method of redeeming a forfeited possession are given in the Old Testament; one in Ruth 4:1-12, where Boaz redeems the possession of Elimelech, the other in Jer. 32:6-12, where the Prophet Jeremiah purchased the possession of his cousin Hanameel. The "Deed" was written on a parchment roll, and when the inside was filled, the outside was used, but enough space was left to not show the writing when the parchment was rolled up and sealed, and on the outside of the roll that showed, the Title of the Deed, and the names

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of the subscribing witnesses were written. Two copies of the "Deed" were made. One was sealed, and the other left unsealed for the purpose of reference. These deeds were handed to the purchaser in the presence of witnesses, and either kept by him, or intrusted to a custodian, or placed, as in the case of Jeremiah, in an earthen vessel, that would neither rot nor rust, to be preserved until the end of the Seventy Years of Captivity that the Prophet had foretold was to be. This method of taking title, explains the meaning and purpose of the "Seven Sealed Book" that John saw written within and on the back. The "Seals" were not in a row along the edge of the Book or Roll, but a Seal was broken and the parchment unrolled until the next seal was reached, and so on until all the "Seals" had been broken. We are not told that what happened as the "Seals" were broken was read out of the Book. The contents of the "Book" are not disclosed. We are simply told, as the "Seals" are broken, that certain things happened. They doubtless were preliminary to the Lamb's taking possession of the Purchased Possession. It is not until chapter 10:1-6, that Christ, as the "MIGHTY ANGEL," puts His right foot upon the sea, and His left foot on the earth, and cries--"There shall be time no longer," that is "NO LONGER DELAY," that He takes formal possession, but as the claim is disputed further steps, as we shall see, are necessary to secure possession.

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