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  • Isent this to the S.C. organization for Land Surveyors about 90 min. ago

  • Our concern should be about the Zombie in the Whitehouse giving Iran 6 billion to develop the nuclear bomb which will be directed to us and Israel.  The Zombie doesn’t care about ending the world because his days are numbered so taking the world with him is no big deal.

  • What I would like to know is why he pilot ejected.

  • We are a joke.

  • Talk about something not adding up, America Military loses an F-35 Fighter over South Carolina, then all of a sudden 5 Americans released from Iran Custody after years of custody. Coincidence , I wonder. How much did the Biden Cartel make on this deal.

    • Nothing since these commies took over has been a coincidence. I just hope justice for all of the people they have destroyed and killed happens sooner than later. 


    • You may have nailed it. Didn't know about the 5 prisoners. 2 + 2 still equals 4. 

  • How embarrassing!

  • I'm not sure to laugh or get pist. I cannot believe that a $80M plane isn't equiped with a GPS. Maybe it was stolen.

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