12364233875?profile=RESIZE_584xDominion Voting Machines Hacked using only a ballpoint pen, in court and in front of the Judge! University of Michigan Professor demonstrates vulnerabilities in Dominion Voting System during court proceedings by changing the vote tallies using only a ballpoint pen! But it doesn’t stop there! The complete process and sworn testimony were witnessed by the Court, Judge, Clerk of the Court and became part of the official court records!

As the 2024 presidential election approaches, there is a growing focus on election integrity, particularly in light of recent developments in a federal court in Atlanta. An election integrity group is currently involved in a lawsuit against election officials, aiming to replace Dominion Voting machines in Georgia with paper ballots.

The trial, which began on Tuesday, witnessed the plaintiffs passionately requesting U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg to cease the utilization of Dominion Voting Systems touchscreen machines, which are widely used by almost every in-person voter throughout the state. On Friday, a noteworthy revelation emerged as University of Michigan Professor of Computer Science and Engineering J. Alex Halderman showcased his ability to manipulate tabulations on a Dominion Voting machine using just a pen.

This captivating demonstration unfolded in the courtroom, capturing the attention of Judge Totenberg. Halderman and Security Researcher Drew Sringall, an Assistant Professor at Auburn University, had previously worked together on a report in July 2021. Their research revealed significant vulnerabilities in the Dominion Voting Systems' ImageCast X system. In June 2023, the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Georgia unsealed the 96-page Halderman Report, which confirmed the existence of vulnerabilities in Dominion's software could potentially allow for the manipulation of votes. The report highlighted concerns regarding the possible exploitation of these vulnerabilities in the upcoming Georgia elections.

In a statement following the release of the report, Professor Halderman expressed concern about the potential for these vulnerabilities to be exploited in the future. The report highlighted a concerning vulnerability that could potentially be used to distribute harmful software, posing a significant risk to the election system.

Adding to the concern is the allegation Judge Totenberg, who was appointed by Obama, kept the investigation results sealed and hidden until recently. Reports suggest Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger postponed the implementation of security patches by Dominion until after the 2024 presidential election, despite concerns raised by experts.

MITRE Report.pdf

12364229283?profile=RESIZE_400x Dominion, although not directly involved in the case, issued a statement highlighting the existence of multiple layers of strong operational and procedural safeguards. They strongly emphasized these safeguards, overseen by local election officials, effectively prevent any physical tampering. Judge Totenberg, who had previously raised concerns about the state's election system, put forward practical policy measures in an October order.

These measures involve the removal of QR codes on ballots, the implementation of more stringent cybersecurity measures, and the implementation of more thorough audits.

Final Word: Is anyone surprised about this? Once again Trump was right! But will the voting breach be fixed! Absolutely! ……right after the November elections!

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  • OMG.  God has nothing to do with the corrupt legal system we tolerate... or the criminals on the Bench that force us to accept rigged elections...

    Nothing effective will be done to correct the UNDERLYING problem of rigged elections (the criminal conduct in both poltical parties)... The elite oligarchy of criminals running our parties will all cryi foul, and then, go right back to using the same system of electoral corruption... or one similar.

  • It will do nothing other than add to the evidence exposing our corrupt system of Elections... a system that has been broken for decades... It would be ridiculous to ignore the mountains of evidence provided to the legal system before this hearing... the obvious avoidance of the evidence by a plethora of judges ... state and federal.  It is also ridiculous to expect the 2024 Election to be any different.   The Marxists and Globalists could care less about the facts...  they command the citadels of Justice and the Police (state and federal) are effectively in their pockets.

    The People's only leverage is their labor... We must organize and stay home until the current government resigns (all of it)... subject to new elections and appointments...  that bar the present office holders, elected or appointed from holding any further office... Any office, including Dog Catcher.  We must demand a 'Recall and Term Limits Amendment' be passed and ratified before returning to work... shut dowb the economy and government ... except emergency, services, critical life support infrastructure, and essential social services such as social security, federal retirement, and medical care. services.

    Pass and ratify a 'Recall and Term Limits Amendment'...  Recall all of the elected and appointed State and Federal government officials... judges and prosecutors included subject to new elections and appointments. Establish One term of 6 years for all elected and appointed officials both State and Federal Government... with 1/3rd of their seats up for Election and appointment every 2 years. End the power of incumbency and the spoils system of government.  Destroy the lobbyist's influence in government.  Return government to the People.


    • "Government, like fire, is a troublesome servant and a terrible master."  Quote George Washington

      Today, the government has become a terrible master... setting afire the Citadels of Freedom, it now seeks to silence Liberty's Bell.

  • And the media called it a fair election. Trump won by a landslide, but somehow Biden was installed as President.

    • Why would anyone be surprised at the corruption operating in our ELectoral system... both Political Parties are open to such manipulation.  Betrayal has become a routine function of both poltical parties.

    • Our productivity and willingness to pay taxes are the source of the people's power over government... We can not and must not revolt, or engage in a violent revolution, We must organize passive-aggressive means to persuade the government to act on our petitions.  Our priority must be to remove ALL of the current elected and sitting members of the Federal government. Let them all start electric car dealerships and charging stations.

    • After all, it is only cheating...

    • Evil people do evil things this is how Biden got sworn in! 

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