Walgreens Cancelled Over What They Don’t Sell

10993515456?profile=RESIZE_400x(PatriotHQ) The enlightened and progressive Woke mob has set its sites on Walgreens Drug Store because it has committed the unpardonable sin of not selling something the Libtards think is critical to the American Socialist Society, (a.k.a - A.S.S.)  

Get a load of this! Michael Moore wants Walgreens boycotted nationwide for not selling the abortion pill! Moore said Walgreens' action supported "extremists who are against abortion."

The FDA allows pharmacists to offer abortion pills but does not mandate their sale!

Dr.  Nicole Saphier discusses mifepristone-induced abortions and the drug's new pharmacy approval after Walgreens stopped selling abortion medication in 20 states!

Upon learning the ugly truth about saving babies from chemical death filmmaker Michael Moore urged everyone to quit buying there.

Twenty Republican state attorneys general wrote to Walgreens Corp. in February, threatening legal action if Walgreens sold mifepristone in pharmacies nationwide and they listened but can Walgreens stand up against the cancel culture mob with their jack-boot Antifa and BLM thugs?

Time will tell....... 

Walgreens announced on Thursday it will no longer sell or transport mifepristone in their states which ‘set-off’ fat Moore instantly!

Moore's website urged Walgreens shoppers to quit. He stated Walgreens "sides with anti-abortion fanatics against the rights of women."

As Walgreens refused to provide abortion drugs in states where Republican leaders threatened legal action, Michael Moore called for a national boycott.

"Walgreens' choice to make women even more second-class citizens requires force from all of us. Since last Thursday, every day we don't say something gives racism and sexism a pass "Moore. "Boycott Walgreens nationwide with me. They must reconsider immediately."

Yet fat-ass Michael Moore wouldn't tell America how saving babies were racist and sexist!

"Certainly, abortion was "obscene." Because anything offered women any authority over their life was terrible, "Moore said. "They couldn't own property, have a bank account, get a loan, or determine whether to get pregnant. Obscene!!"

Moore concluded his boycott call by encouraging his audience to contact local reproductive rights groups.

"Stop buying from Walgreens. Inform the other drugstores if they follow Walgreens, you'll do the same. Picket nearby Walgreens. Urge the White House to stay strong, and let Congress know this is one of the most important issues  will affect your vote next year "Moore. 

Moore attacked the Supreme Court for overturning Roe v. Wade. He called the ruling a "legal beating of women" and said the Justices made it because Christianity is "authoritarian."

"This Court has shown they are our Taliban, Church of England, and Spanish Inquisition. We must now resist this religious dictum the majority gender in a democracy must shut up and turn fertilized egg into a baby, or else "Moore blathered to his minion followers!

Moore closed his boycott call by providing Walgreens' customer service address and a number to call local personnel.

Fat Ass Moore yelled: "Boycott. March. Picket. Rebel. Postcards. Call. Donate. Unyielding!"

The pharmacy chain's announcement on Thursday shows federal regulators' January rule change to allow more pharmacies to sell mifepristone may not increase access as much as they had planned.

Walgreens is pursuing FDA certification. The company can't sell abortion pills yet.

In 2000, the FDA approved mifepristone and misoprostol for abortion. The combination is safe until the 10th week.

First, take mifepristone to open the cervix and prevent a hormone sustains pregnancy. After two days, misoprostol empties the uterus. The uterus contracts thereby eliminating any fertilized egg from attaching.

In conclusion. If Moore is so concerned about women having the right to kill their babies then why doesn’t he protest against Viagra? If men can’t perform then they can’t impregnate, therefore pregnancy is not an option!

Also, does Moore protect the rights of women to buy cigarettes, or women alcoholics to buy alcohol? Is it ok, to kill a baby but not yourself?

What is your opinion?

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  • I thought that federal funds could no longer be used to fund abortions... abortion meds would be ineligible for payment by Medicaid or Medicare.  ANY program receiving federal funds should not disburse or pay for such pharmaceuticals. 

    • ADMIN

      The FDA has to approve drugs before sale. Many OTC drugs were at one time approved, suppliments (need no approval) or grandfathered in before the FDA (like asprin) So, new drugs like Baby-Killer Drugs must go through the same approval process as new cancer or heart medications. 

  • how many jezebels has moore raped ? love the priorities  here , irresponsibility in the bedroom is more important that helping the elderly who spend more money on prescription medication

  • Let's counteract "fatboy's" demands and make a concerted effort to SHOP WALGREEN'S, even if it's not your favorite store, or if you have never happened to shop there before!

    • I'm buying my stuff from Walgreens now! Too bad they don't sell ammo! 

    • :) :) :) True

    • ADMIN

      Count me in! 

  • I think I'll boycott Moore.  Hey Moore; you don't have to bear the child and you probably wouldn't even support a child you helped conceive (if any woman was insane enough to have sex with you) so shut your mouth and go away!  You may not realize it, but in this country we have laws against murder.

    • ADMIN

      Moore is a fat liberal with too much money and time on his hands!

  • Moore just caused me to shop at Walgreens more often.

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