WARNING: China Preps For Global Governance

china-economic-power.jpg?profile=RESIZE_400xWARNING: China Preps For Global Governance and why suddenly they? Russian is drained and the US is redistributing poverty!

(PatriotHQ) As Sleepy Joe pushes of racial equality, equity and The New Green Deal China sharpens its swords and shows its teeth. But Joe and his cronies could care less because Climate Change is more important than American security.

Get this. Xi Jinping: "Global Governance" will be changed by China. In a speech at the end of China's annual legislative sessions on Monday, genocidal Chinese dictator Xi Jinping promised to "reform and develop the global governance system."

Xi promised during his third term as president, which the National People's Congress (NPC) "elected" him to last week, he would "make the international environment good for our country's development."

" Xi has ‘rid’ any Communist Party members who could challenge his power or take over after him. This has left him surrounded by old officials and with no good candidates to take over after him. (Chinese gulags are growing)

According to official Chinese propaganda and international media, Xi did not pay attention to domestic issues like China's falling birthrate, stagnant economy, crippling drug shortages, and international companies moving to Vietnam and India, so now he will?

China would "contribute its share to building an open world economy, advance the implementation of the Global Development Initiative and the Global Security Initiative, and add more stability and positive energy to the peaceful development of the world."

A wolf in sheep’s clothing? Xi's vague "Global Development Initiative" and "Global Security Initiative" tell other countries to stop "excessive pursuit of self-interest" and work together to end poverty and bring peace to the world. The only thing seems to be needed for the "Global Security Initiative" is to not go against the Chinese Communist Party, which worries free nations. In April 2022, Xi announced the initiative. He said partners must "stay committed to taking the legitimate security concerns of all countries seriously, upholding the principle of indivisible security, building a balanced, effective, and sustainable security architecture, and opposing the pursuit of one's own security at the cost of others' security."

Xi praised the NPC for raising China's defense budget by 7.2% at their meeting this month. This was the biggest increase since the new coronavirus outbreak started in Wuhan, China, in late 2019. Xi said the PLA should be a "huge steel wall” keeps out outside influence.

"We should make the people's army a great steel wall protects national sovereignty, security, and development interests," Xi said.

Last week, Xi said the US has set up a global plot to destroy modern China and  the Chinese people need to get ready to kill their enemies.

"Have the courage to fight, because the country is going through big, complicated changes on the inside and outside," Xi told the CPPCC.

On March 13, congratulating his country for its role in last week's historic deal between geopolitical rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia to restore diplomatic representation. The deal was made between the two countries' representatives in Beijing.

Wang told reporters at his regular press briefing the Beijing meeting is a hard and successful way to carry out the Global Security Initiative (GSI). "Tactics like "help one and hurt the other," "divide and rule," and "bloc confrontation" have never worked when it comes to security.

China would keep messing around in the Middle East. "We hope more countries will join us in putting the GSI into action so there will be lasting peace and security for everyone."

Wang didn't say how governments can join the "World Security Initiative."

In conclusion: China is out for one thing, world domination and nothing less. With a drained Russia and a weak Sleepy Joe the world is wide open for a China power grab…and grab it will!

“In times of peace, prepare for war” is an obsolete phrase in the Biden Regime being rewritten to read. In times of peace destroy the economy.  

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