What should the Tea Party do next?

8155654691?profile=RESIZE_400xI am tired of being Mister Nice Guy, Civil and sweet.

If We the People are to save America from the cluches of the communist left then it is going to take STRONG action. 

So, tell me. How can we hurt the left and send a message of: Don't Tread On Me.......?

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  • We should be standing shoulder to shoulder is every major city surrounding every MSM (NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc) building and their executives homes causing them to understand they are no longer welcome to promote a socialist agenda in America. Take the fight to their doorsteps and make it uncomfortable to be a communist journalist. Do the same to all communist promoting college professor, dean, and board or regeants. Hit them in their home turf.

    • This is one of the passive-aggressive acts of civil disobedience that the Patriot should engage in... They need to SUSTAIN such acts until the offending media outlets are SOLD to unbiased owners.  Those, who will report the news, not make it.  The public must ostracize and condemn these ingrates as the agents of Marxist Propaganda.  The owners, their managers, and media anchors all need to be held accountable for their betrayal and apparent acts of sedition and insurrection.

    • Turn up the heat, but be prepared to spend time in jail, pay a ton to attorneys........hmmmmmmm perhaps we should look at all the lawyers who have twisted our laws and found other than constitutional ways to apply them!

    • Perhaps, we need to do more than look at the legal profession... they are at the core of our problem... and need to be held accountable for their abuse and destruction of our Constitution and system of law.  In general, the Legal Profession is not the Patriot's friend., Most of them see justice as a matter of interpretation, not principle.  Hence, Lady Justice has become arbitrary and the law a tyrant, not our servant.

  • As long as every logon to this website goes through Google, whatever you say or propose is being monitored by the very company that is at the forefront of the New World Order’s attempted takeover of our world. Just as is written in your Miranda Rights: Everything you say can and will be used against you.

    Google is the worldwide leader of the online propaganda machine that records your every keystroke. They are at or near the top of our enemies list. Facebook, Twitter, and most other social media platforms are all part of that same package. They report and censor anything that goes against “The Agenda”. Your cell phone and your smart TV also spy on you 24/7 whether you know it or not. Now your bank will begin to report every transaction over $600 to the IRS. Feel safe and secure yet?

    As far as what the Teaparty should do next: We must tell Google and all the other lefties involved in this power grab of our freedom that:


                                     AND MOST OF ALL: FUCK JOE BIDEN!!


    • There is no hiding from the government... We must act lawfully and where we can't, due to the law's unconstitutional language or application, we must work to have it changed.

  • Message to parents out there with young children in school, you had better take control or you will lose your children 


    Is another type of  'French Revolution' out of the question for America?  

    • It didn't produce greatness for France, we need better that that!

    • True, but you have to admit there are a lot of prominent democrats that deserve to be at the head of:

                                   *** THE GUILLOTINE LIST ***

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