Why, do we put up with this?  We don't.  The system that provides us with candidates for public office is broken?  The Political Party System for conducting elections is corrupt... The current methods used in our elections have not yielded the quality leadership necessary to successfully administer our government... federal, state, or local government.  Our elections are corrupt and are at the root of our problems with government and the culture.

It isn't our system of government... nor its underlying precepts for government that has failed us... it is a massively corrupt two-party political system that manages our elections, ensuring their candidates are elected to high public office.  The Public is being forced to choose between candidates that are the lesser of evils.. that is not choice... that is coersion and has led us to... government by political fiat... not the informed choice of those governed.

Our  Nation's problems are not structural they are administrative... the product of a corrupt system for administering elections, and the mechanics of a government administered by corrupt officials, and political electioneering.

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  • Question: Why Do We Have Corrupt And Despotic Government?

    Answer: Proverbs 14:12 There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.


    • China is taking over the world, and grabbing everything that Iran does not, because Obama and Biden are paying them to do it. This is so extensive, you must listen to Ambassador William Mount tell you on this video. It is happening fast. These military soldiers are armed, many from China, when coming into our cities as illegals, about 30 million of them. They are taking over Guyana, a Christian country in South America. China is scraping the bottom of our coastal waters 12 miles out to kill everything on the ocean floor near America. They do the same to Japan waters. They are taking over many nation's land worldwide, doing it fast, without asking. America will be attacked very soon! 

      this is an Ezekiel 39 event, of Gog and Magog, the armies of the devil. Thus, call on The Creator of heaven and earth, and all life. Do as those in scripture who called on The Creator to rescue them, and HE did. David, Elisha, king Hezekiel, King YaHoshaphat, the sons of Jacob did so when they fought. Read the Book of Jasher on the internet, and you will read about lots of those battles. But, this time, you will fight in The Creator's Holy Name, and Spirit, and Faith and Trust in Him, sing praise songs, and praying without ceasing. Revelation 13, says if we pick up the sword, we will die by the sword, and, if we take into captivity we will go into captivity. Have Faith the size of a muster seed, stand, and see the Glory of The Most High!


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    • They, Chinese men, get paid by Biden to come here illegal, and senate Duran wants them to be soldiers and citizens. Plus these men are afraid of the Chinese police stations here now in America. They know those Chinese cops will threaten them physically with great bodily harm for their allegiance service.

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    • In the Name of The Creator, "YaHooVaH YaHosha HaMashiach Alahim of Yasharal"

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  • IMHO - the fall of integrity started when the US government evicted G*d from schools, public events and from the social moral construct. Now America has a G*dless government. When G*d was removed a vacuum was created and evil rushed in to fill the void.  Corruption is the manifestation of evil.

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