Of course everyone know the Repubs control the house BUT this means the House Ways and Means committees and a whole lot of other committees. 

    They can stop funding, launch investigations, vote to release the J6 political prisoners, stop approciation bills, stop foriegn aid which includes Ukraine and A LoT more! 

  • The libertarian movement would be well advised to stop their support for drugs and other anti-Christian ethical standards...Libertarians have much to offer but they also have some very negative positions that keep them from becoming a major party.

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      I agree, it the independents and Libertarian groups were to unite they would be able to cast the deciding vote in almost every election. 

  • The only way it would change anything is is we get a 2/3's majority in Constitutional Conservatives in the Senate.  That is unlikely.  I feel confident that Republicans will take the House and most of those running seem to be Constitutional Conservatives, but with TRAITOR BIDEN IN THE White House, he will veto any changes that will actually help.  That is way we need a veto proof majority in the Senate.

    • It is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for the GOP to achieve a veto-proof Senate during this election cycle. Only 14 Democrat seats are standing for election this election cycle... The Republicans currently have 50 seats, if they retain them all and pick up EVERY DEMOCRAT SEAT (14) the next Congress will have 64 Republicans in the US Senate.  It takes 2/3rds of the US Senate to vote to override a Presidential veto.... 67 votes... are required. The Republicans will have 64 votes if they all vote as a party... the GGOP is 3 votes short of the required 67 needed to override a Presidential veto...

      THE GOP IS LYING... there is no Red Wave, and no massive reform on the way... PERIOD. The GOP will not have the votes to override the President's VETO AND THEY KNOW IT NOW... They are playing us, to line their coffers with dollars, by making feigned promises to reform government if we help them take both houses of Congress.  However, they all know they will have GRIDLOCK in Congress They will not have a VETO PROOF CONGRES, it is mathematically impossible to achieve, this election cycle.  They will be asking for more money and promising... THAT NEXT ELECTION cycle will bring the needed changes... Yeah, and Santa Clause is real.

      The GOP will be unable to remove Biden thru the Impeachment process as it also takes 67 votes (2/3rds) to convict and remove a President from office.  The promises being made to reform the government are empty promises, CRAPOLA on a rope. There will be no change in DC other than Pres. Biden's increased use of EOs to go around Congress. 

      America's crisis in government will not improve... UNLESS the RNC/GOP starts thinking outside of the conventional box of political tools... Think Lech Walesa... Think MAJOR LABOR STRIKES, demanding Term limits, and a total recall of the elected and appointed government officials... subject to new elections.  Term Limits:  One term, 6 yrs, with1/3 rd of the government standing for election and appointment every 2yrs.

      Recall ALL of the sitting government (elected and appointed offices)... subject to new elections and appointments... Let the Public remain on strike, at home, with a selected group peacefully assembled in every capitol of every state and DC... demanding... a Recall and Term Limits Amendment be passed and ratified by the States... Fire all of the bums in DC, senior state and local officials  Start over with citizen representation... no more professional scoundrels ruining our government. and its agencies.

      For More See: United States Senate elections, 2022 - Ballotpedia

      Aug 22, 2019 · Seats up for election. There are 35 U.S. Senate seats up for election in 2022—14 seats held by Democrats and 21 held by Republicans. 

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      The Repubs can stop the Dems from passing anymore bills. Also, they control the committees. Which includes the HOuse ways ans means committee! 

  • I don't expect it to. Why? The republicans have no spine and their leadership just gives lip service to opposing democrat policies.They are working towards the same goal.

    • True... with men like McConnell and Romney as the FACE OF THE PARTY... why anyone votes GOP is a mystery... betrayal and elitist attitudes don't engender confidence.

  • If it does not then we had better consider a third party. Also TERM LIMITS would help.

    • Third party never will work, it waters down the numbers. Term limits are great when I think of  some of them who have been there too long and are useless, but not so good when we get someone really good.....and he has to go because his time is up!

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