This article contains obscene quoted material.

It has become increasingly apparent that LGBT activists want to sexualize children. Just when you think that such attempts couldn’t be any more bold, there’s always a left-wing academic, children’s TV show, or public figure eager to push for the needle towards the acceptance of pedophilia. 

The latest example comes from Yale University associate professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Joseph J. Fischel, who shamelessly came out in favor of exposing children to public sex acts in his gut-wrenching article titled “Keep Pride Nude” in the Boston Review. 

Fischel, who proclaims in his Twitter bio that he is “gay for pay,” attempts to justify his argument that children should be exposed to public displays of kink and gay sexuality by taking the laughable position that such exposure will help combat “racism and homophobia.”

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Fischel researches the “regulation of sex” through the lens of “queer studies” and “critical race theory,” which he uses to build his case during one of the opening paragraphs, commenting on the presence of various different deviant activities at pride parades. He writes that “anti-sex, anti-kink complaints are not only wrong but also racist and bad for children.” 

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  • Time to start yanking government funding away from any institutions of higher education/indoctrination till they "clean house".

  • Yale should fire him, but he'll probably receive an award for courage or something equally made up. 

    • Fire him?   Yale gave him his Ph.D. and his tenured Professorship... Yale has gone the way of all corrupt Marxist institutions.   Hiring their grads is a very risky business as the warped worldview they install in their graduates is dangerous to commercial enterprises and governments everywhere. 

    • Okay. I'd settle for imprisonment, if that's all that is availible.

      Stop Responding To Posts Of Those Who Grumble About ...

  • Seems to me that those who use foul language to describe him or anyone else is just as bad as this so-called professor.

  • he is an asshole...

  • children should not have to deal with ugly scaqry looking persons like that,m he has to know he's unappealing and should make an efforts to not be so repulsive.

  • another way opf hiding mental illness and clear form of mental disorder, and advertising it?  Its Amazing that we ever evolved as a natiopn (in their view) I had friend that owned beauty shops so I didnt treat gays less than normal, in fact had one I called friend, we passed infor as to work back and forth and he was the funniest persons I ever knew.  BUT, this type of overt treatment and teaching will provoke the return of name calling and disrespect they have managed to defeat over the last score of years. This actually sets them back. What if hetheral sexual treated our children in such a graphic dosplay? Thats would not be acceptable either. Its the same mentality as our government in Title IV (d) and (e) being the largest trafficker of children in the world. We have to gather and stop the stealing of innocence on the youth immediantly.  We are the problem, we are not doing anything, "WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDS INNOCENCE"?

  • heterosexual couples should disrupt his class and make out in it

  • Pretty obvious ... the Communist Left needs evermore "victims" so that they can "rescue them from so-called "privileged white Repubs". Ugh!

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