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  • The Great Reset… and the World Economic Forum

    The application of absolute power… whether through a Communist or Globalist system matters little to the OPPRESSED… they suffer under both. It is not as much the form or ideology of government that drives oppression, as it is the application of government by leadership that matters. Scripture tells us that the people suffer when the unrighteous rule… not necessarily from the form of government… it is the application of government that matters most. When the righteous rule the people prosper and when evil sits at the head of government the nation suffers.

    Capitalism offers the greatest opportunity and freedom for economic endeavor … However, the government that operates in a capitalist system can be some of the most oppressive, as witnessed by the FEUDAL State. The Feudal State is the supreme form of Capitalism… where ‘he who has the gold rules. Feudalism delivers a government ruled by an elite Aristocracy, with a ‘cast system’ of privilege that controls access to markets and the power of government. In a feudal system, a few own all the means of production, and often less than 1% hold 99% of the wealth. In this system of capital free markets don’t exist and opportunity is controlled, licensed, and sanctioned by the government, and a plutocracy controls the government. Feudalism is the most extreme example of capitalism.

    We are witnessing the collapse of our founding fathers’ free market capital system, as it is replaced by a quasi-feudal system of commerce and government. A system where an unelected plutocracy has decided their wealth ENTITLES them to rule as they deem appropriate. Of course, that translates into a system where a few wealthy and connected rule the many (an aristocracy)… economically leveraging their wealth through the feudal state and the arbitrary, often predatory, application of trade law and policy governing commerce. Small businesses exist by patronage or in limited circumstances and in niche markets only… big corporations run the markets with government support.

    We are experiencing the opening ground game of the new world order… an elite cabal of capitalists, moving to capture the world economy by dictating the value and standards of exchange for labor and industry. They intend to use this system of digital exchange to control the masses; too, establish the value of labor and ultimately life. They call this move to a single system of digital exchange… the Great Reset.

    The Great Reset will establish a SINGLE system of digital exchange to buy, sell, or trade in the world. All settlements for commercial or private transactions to buy, sell, or trade, for one’s labor, goods, or services, will be transacted thru this system… A one-world currency/exchange. Paper Currency and other forms of exchange will no longer be available. No more hidden income, evasion of taxes on private transactions, and black markets will be nearly impossible as one’s digital transaction account will not balance…where income and disbursements are not reported… indicating possible fraud or money laundering.

    The Russian and Chinese Marxists understand where the Globalists and World Economic Forum (WEF) are taking the world and they want nothing to do with it… Hence, the serious saber rattling and hostile posturing of the Communists. Want to know why the GOP is basically in bed with the WEF and silent on many of the policies of the left, wonder no more. The elite and wealthy will prosper greatly under such a system. Total control over who buys sells or trades… who works and doesn’t … who gets what medical and social services… every aspect of life will eventually be controlled by whoever runs the digital exchange.



    COL. US Army (ret)

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  • Isn't it ironic that Marx's statement about communism being summarized as"the abolishment of private property", is being implemented by those few with vast international private property abusing the rights of their private property to injure everyone elses private property rights?
    Just a thought.
    • Marxists view ALL PROPERTY as belonging to the State... But the State in effect becomes a means to create a new ruling class... a new oligarchy of the super-wealthy... The Commissars (the political class) hold all the keys to the state's wealth, distribution, and use. Unlike a capitalist system, the political class in a Marxist state becomes the new aristocracy and wealthy...

      In this system, the State becomes the target for any reactionary force responding to the theft of the assets and resources of the individual... The State becomes the focus for any potential retribution... rather than THOSE WHO HOLD THE ADMINISTRATIVE POWER (essential control) OVER EVERYTHING including LIFE.
  • Somebody has to start it.
  • Event September 16th and 17th in Phoenix Defeating the Great Reset/. https://rumble.com/embed/v1fnrnb/?pub=41nph
    OFFICIAL TRAILER: The Great Global Reset
  • I'm in. Thanks for the directions, Marlene.
    • I will do exactly that, may take some time.
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