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  • Unsubscribe me from all, geez.
  • Not getting emails lately?

    Please resume as like receiving them for sharing.
  • For a long time now I have gotten your daily emails with the various mimes you include, and usually can click on them to enlarge and bring into focus without extraneous text.

    But lately, they no longer seem to enlarge when I click the mime, but just remain the same size.

    Can that function be put back in place as I like to screenshot them for sharing with others.

  • Unsubscribe me from everything. I never joined and no link works to stop all this junk email. UNSUBSCRIBE ME NOW !!!
  • Please tell me why Hamas supporters that have a first amendment right and the Jan 6ers do not have the same right this is what the person l talked to told me when l said l hope Hamas gets the same treatment as the Jan 6ers. sad sad coming from my Republican congresspersons phone operator.
  • I get a ton of emails and I cannot figure out how to shut the off. YOU REALLY SHOULD OFFER AN OPT OUT LINK ON THESE EMAILS.
    A lot of conversation here I do not have time for, and I just get too many emails from you & others. I would love to get involved at polls, volunteering, etc. I've reached out a few times, but nobody has ever made any connection with me. I love the cause!
  • get me out of this fucking group and website.
    who the fuck gave you permission to just create an account for me. delete my account you scamming fucks.
  • I can't find the setting button. I do NOTWANT ANY MORE EMAILS!
  • I can't find the Settings button
This reply was deleted.

Removing photos from "MY PHOTO's"

It has been two days in a row so far that the systems are now allowing me to remove my own photo's. I remove those that are dated, no longer relevant and for the purpose of updating them so they are current.I click on on delete photo...............and then get the message to leave the window open until it is deleted.............but it just doesn't delete them. What is wrong here?

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