We need greeters, to greet all the new incoming members. 

We also need moderators.  We need people out there monitoring the discussions as well as blogs and the chat room too.  You would need to watch for discussions that go south, trolls, members abusing other members and the like.

If you are interested in either of these please respond to this thread telling us which of the two interests you.

Thank you,

Admin Team

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  • I might try moderating. I'm stuck to tv and iPad a lot of each day. Give me the training and let me stomp some trolls...
  •  What is the greatest need ? Moderator interests me but again what is the biggest need?

  • Do moderators have the right and ability to delete writings of others.  If so are they screened?

  • It sounds like "Moderator" is up my line.  I would like to try it.

  • Hello am looking to help, am in desperate need of a paying job!

  • After I get my feet wet I'll be glad to greet or moderate (during specified times).

  • Ok I don't know yet how to monitor other peoples post but could give it a try or if you need me to be a greeter then i will try that. I just wont to be helpful in the cause of freedom.

  • I volunteered to be a moderator two weeks ago. I offered a free book on Constitutional values and spiritual warfare to any one who wants one

    No Response

    Guide 25 with cover.pdf

    • Thank you Gerald.  I downloaded a copy to help educate myself.

  • I'm interested in helping... because I need help.

    Right now my question is about inviting Friends via email.

    When I insert an email, a message and send what happens?

    Does the addressee get an email?

    Can the addressee just agree to be a Friend?

    Does the addressee have to first join the Tea Party?

    Please explain

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