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Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
To:  Jimmy@wikipedia.org Dear Jimmy,               Writing from the U.S.A.I’ve used Wikipedia countless times and recommended it to many friends as well.  So . . . the natural question is WHY am I NOT contributing at this time?  In a nutshell, the…
Dec 9, 2016
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
 Clinton Legacy NOT a “Tangled web,” but a Gordian Knot            As we hear President Elect Trump saying, “I don’t want to hurt the Clinton’s” – implying that his administration will have little or no interest in prosecuting the former Secretary…
Nov 22, 2016
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
  T.E.A. Party Doubles-Down on FailedOver-Involvement Policy and Social Conservativism                 In 2010 the remarkable effect of the T.E.A. (Taxed Enough Already) Party’s Anti-Big Government; Pro-Constitution; and Pro-fiscal Responsibility…
Apr 21, 2012
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
  http://patriotupdate.com/21070/okeefe-voter-fraud-investigation-you... seehttp://projectveritas.com    U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder insists voter fraud is not a major problem in the United States.  He also insists…
Apr 9, 2012
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
                  You’ve heard of “Honest Abe” and “Gorgeous George” – let’s introduce you to “Sly Steven” Chu, American Energy Secretary.  And while we’re at it, move over Solyndra, Chevy Volt and Ener1, Inc., according to documents uncovered by…
Mar 19, 2012
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
 Green Fraud Perpetrated byDeliberate Media “Worship” Names changed to protect the innocent from overzealous secret service.      “Julia” in Longmont, Colorado took advantage of being laid-off from her green job of fifteen months to visit relatives…
Mar 7, 2012
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
            One of the most common and frustrating complaints of fiscal-conservatives and Constitutional-conservatives is watching what a terribly inadequate job so-called conservative leaders do in articulating the nature of the mess in Washington…
Feb 5, 2012
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
    Today, January, 2012, we now know those Spanish projections were outrageously positive for the President’s green energy programs.  The real results have been much, much worse according to the liberal Washington Post. $5 Million for OneObama…
Jan 30, 2012
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
   Statistical Picture Much GrimmerThan Average American Appreciates     Every body knows the economy is bad, but a look at today's statistics paints a far more sobering picture than you probably realize . . . . The Definitely BAD NEWS:  1.     …
Dec 17, 2011
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
 DEA, Eric Holder’s DOJLaundered Drug MoneyFor Mexican Criminal Cartels              If you thought Eric Holder deliberately letting Mexican drug cartels buy automatic weapons in this country and then allowing them to take the weapons across the…
Dec 14, 2011
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
  Obama's LIES Get Out of Hand    Last poll out:  48% of Americans give President Obama POOR marks on the economy and 16% gave him a fair rating; while in another only 17% say “we’re headed in the right direction,” yet mainstream-media (MSM)…
Dec 13, 2011
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
 Ace CBS Reporter Attkisson Nails OF&F andObama/ATF Corruption Assailing 2nd Amendment      Just when all appeared lost and it seemed like the mainstream media (MSM) was eternally in the tank committed to supporting an ultra-corrupt Obama…
Dec 10, 2011
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
   How to Destroy America in 13 Lessons             If you were an enemy of the U.S.A wanting to deliberately undermine the nation’s economy, and weaken this country, how would you most effectively carry out your hostile mission while avoiding…
Nov 11, 2011
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
 Progressive-Leftists^^ Attack “Oreo” Herman Cain  You’re used to it by now.   You’re not surprised when the mainstream media totally ignores the Fast and Furious scandal and the court setback for former Democratic vice presidential nominee John…
Oct 31, 2011
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
  Nationwide Protests Boil OverAs True Identity of Movement CrystallizesOCCUPY Denver Fits Disorderly Profile                  Examine something camouflaged long enough and its true identity is likely to emerge. However, some phenomena only take a…
Oct 27, 2011
Bob VanDeHey posted a blog post
  For the last three months the two strongest and most consistent Republican candidate debate performances have come from businessman Herman Cain and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich. Rajjpuut’s preferred G.O.P. ticket is Cain-Gingrich. The…
Oct 13, 2011

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    Listen to "Wake Up America" on "myspace.com/dondonot" That's the thoughts of a old guy in the middle of nowhere in Texas.
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