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Don J Burgess posted a blog post
Speak in anger and you will deliver the greatest speech you will ever live to REGRET! Winston Churchill The airwaves today are filled with pundits and experts who constantly badger, butcher or blow up anyone who might disagree with their point of…
Feb 9, 2011
Don J Burgess posted a blog post
The Past in Light of the PresentWhen we look back at the past, knowing what we know now, we often find it difficult to understand how we made the mistakes we made. This is because once we learn new information, it is nearly impossible to reenter the…
Feb 8, 2011
Don J Burgess posted a blog post
HumilityThe notion of humility as a virtue brings numerous images to mind. We tend to envision those rare individuals who humbly bear life’s struggles while downplaying their own strengths. Yet humility is also associated with people whose…
Nov 25, 2010
Don J Burgess posted a blog post
Soul EvolutionFrom the moment we are born, our souls may feel heavy because they are carrying the weight of all we have lived, loved, and learned in our past incarnations. It is only when we actively seek to work through our issues that we can…
Nov 23, 2010
Don J Burgess posted a blog post
Right in Front of YouWhen it comes to the things we want, there always seems to be an endless list. No matter how many times we get something off that list, we add new things to replace it. In life, this drama of wanting and getting and wanting is…
Nov 22, 2010
Don J Burgess posted a blog post
Using Your Psychic GiftsPsychic experiences are a natural part of our everyday lives. People often have difficulty accepting that they have been blessed with psychic abilities because without a frame of reference it is almost impossible to identify…
Nov 21, 2010
Don J Burgess posted a blog post
I just received this intriguing Thanksgiving invitation and thought you might be interested too. I know Bill and his story is truly remarkable. Here's what he wrote... Thanksgiving is a very important holiday to me. Let me try to explain without…
Nov 19, 2010
Don J Burgess posted a blog post
Using Our Outside VoiceEach of us has developed an internal filtering process that helps us choose which parts of our constant inner monologues get voiced outside of our heads. Sometimes the choice is based on what we consider to be polite or…
Nov 16, 2010
Don J Burgess posted a blog post
It is a curious fact of nature that somehow our minds find a way to transform into physical reality the things we think about most. If you expect to fail, you can be sure that you will, and if you find something negative in every opportunity,…
Nov 11, 2010
Don J Burgess posted a blog post
You may feel perceptive and in tune with your life or the goings-on in the world. Perhaps you are engaged in a journey of self-reflection and are giving some thought to your past or future. If so, you may receive a wealth of inspirational insights.…
Nov 7, 2010
Don J Burgess posted a blog post
Your sense of integrity could make you more open-minded in your professional interactions. Perhaps you realize that by being respectful and tolerant of differing ideas you can achieve more when working with others. Making an effort to navigate…
Nov 6, 2010

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  •  Mr. Burgess I am ready and willing to help anyway I can, However at this time I am being extorted by the Texas Unemployment Commission, that will result in my dying wife to be trown out in the streets of east Texas to Die.
  • For being an outstanding American!
  • Don, It's people like you that is going to make the tea party such a success and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Chuck Bushong
  • Hello Dr. / Coach/ Friend, I always welcome more friends!:)))))
  • Don I got your message and I will do. This should be a great day!
  • I wrote "fallacious claims". Given the source I think it's a safe assumption but I really don't know. I haven't been able to look up the individual points.
  • Thank you for the response and suggestion on the book Dr. Don,
    I understand the concept though I would do well to read "As a Man Thinketh".
    To present a Solution I'll start by posing a problem:

    The media is doing their best to debunk the tea party and make it's members out to be extremist, racist, vengeful fear-mongerers with no mind of their own. I signed up because I do believe in the principles of the tea party and am looking for ways to contribute along with finding ways to combat this "misinformation" from the media.
    here is one such example posted on facebook by an old acquaintance of mine.

    Now, with a wife, job, church and my 3 children (2 girls 7, 4 and 1 boy who's 2). It's very difficult to do the research to debunk all the things being said. I am looking to be armed with substance that I can submit as evidence against these fallacious claims.

    I am relatively new to politics and even newer at being proactive towards the truth. Short term... There isn't much time left to win people over

    So how am I being proactive?
    It's pretty small potatoes, discussions with friends showing fact after fact, delving into the truth on a variety of issues. I'm making "some" headway. But it's not enough. The Dems and to some extent Republicans have contempt for the tea party.

    So when I received the link and checked everything out I felt like it was doing a disservice.
    My solution? Provide substance on the key issues.
    I'm happy to help in any way I can and appreciate you taking the time to read this.
    Thank you
  • I can not use any of this nonsense to help spread the message of what I understand the tea party to be about. Please if you represent the defacto tea party movement and this is their official reponse... count me out. Otherwise. Tea party? Kick this guy out. He's doing a disservice to what I understand and signed up for.
  • I appreciate it Don and no disrespect but it's going to take more than catchy tunes to turn people over. I appreciate the Ray Steven's songs they are clever and funny but it's not the sort of thing that's going to affect a single person I deal with on a daily basis. These are "smart" intellectuals who already accept the media bias slanting tea partiers as idiots.
    Please everyone remember. This is not about either party but something different. And this sort of propaganda isn't what I looked for when signing up.
    Posting silly parodies doesn't prove a point it undermines my stance. Please push to legitimate facts as I've been doing the past while. That will make the tea party serious. Not this nonsense from the comment I got when I signed on.
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