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Is America a republic?

Yes... A must. I am a writer. I am a truck driver.

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Gary Bernius posted a blog post
          I posed a question to David Limbaugh last evening on Twitter, ‘What makes you so sure there is going to be an election? He ignored me, and I don’t blame him, he thinks within a box. But then a pretty young lady took up the question as…
Jun 23, 2012
Gary Bernius posted a blog post
I think Republican’s and Tea Partier’s keep making a basic mistake; getting tangled in the tar babies the administration keeps setting in our path. We find ourselves debating these tar babies, and time marches on. Time is the friend of the corrupt.…
Jun 22, 2012
Gary Bernius posted a blog post
I would like to address the very basic foundation of civilization. Women. Do you think this is strange? Let us consider, and go back five hundred years. The new world was discovered, first here were the Spanish, then the French, and then the Dutch,…
May 10, 2012
Gary Bernius posted a blog post
There was a time when we had what was called the noble professions, they were Teaching, Medicine and Law. Why were they called the noble professions? Because they were important to the culture as a whole, because they required much in the way of…
May 1, 2012
Gary Bernius posted a blog post
Ever wonder how things can get so screwed up. Is it a lack of communication? Consider the following story….. In the beginning was the plan And then came the assumptions And the assumptions were without form And the plan was completely without…
Apr 19, 2012
Gary Bernius posted a blog post
Hello…. I am new here to the tea party… I embrace your values, and the constitution. But let me point out, I am Catholic, before I am anything. I am a free man. What is the price of freedom, death… It was Christ who taught us this. So…??? What makes…
Apr 6, 2012

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