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  • I find it interesting after supporting Tea party financially for several years, to have been blocked repeatedly from commenting and told the I did not meet the "community standards" on the news site. It would last for a week or a few days but this has happened for over 40 times. Next I was blocked because of "suspicious activity on my account". Then I was required to log in each time I attempted to post a comment and Now they say my password does not match. I change my password and the pass word is not accepted the second time I use it so I am blocked. 
    They want my phone number in order to verify who I am and this is not something I want to give out to Facebook. I am no longer able to view the comments of other people , but all during this time spammers have been able to post without obstruction. Facebook apparently is silencing even the conservatives on a conservative web sites. I have called and told people what is going on but the harassment has not been stopped but it has gotten worse on the web site.  Joyce

  • Hi George! That's a tall order but I can give it a shot! — Trish

  • Thanks George :) I've been doing this for years now and that's why I always end up in facebook jail and shadow banned by twitter. Please read some of my blog articles, I think you will like them or some of them at least. These articles get facebook pissed off at me constantly :) I like pissing facebook off :) Them libs hate my articles ------->  "Tea Party Main Streets, Republican Party Base

    Republican Party Base
    Opinion On Today's Vital Government Issues That Shape The United States
  • his statement about conservatives play nice, is accurate, that starts atte top , trump has done nothing since he has been in office,  always on defence or nothing at all, the libs can do and say anything they can make threats even,and nothing happens...  i dont understand the republican lack of  offense, as i look back it was only Reagan who did something in reaction  of something. perhaps bush when he reacted to 9-11 i am referring to all the attacks by the dems, where our response has been absent, my opinion is we need a leader to stand up and plan a offensive action, and to keep it alive not let  the dems run over us the way they have, maybe that would stop some of the threats they make almost daily, if trump wont fightback for us then lets fight back for him

  • we cant do it thru the ballot box that has been proven, one way i know of myself is to just shoot em

    if they would not lie and stuff the ballot boxes then the vote will beat em but they are on record as saying they will do what ever it takes,then so should we.

  • of course im happy to help ill even furnish myown weapon you pay for the ammo

  • George it's also the pandering to political correctness and not just the rich bastards!

  • Bang on target...

  • Will do ...

  • Aint it the truth!

    love an article i read on here about AOC being an actress,


    boy did youtube censor that quick..

    i would love to share it with others

    i think d tube does not censor

    thanks for the recognition George

    keep fighting the good fight

    Watch: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is An Actress, Her Campaign Was Entirely Staged
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