Hello! My name is James Allan. As others do I too produce opinion related to realism. I also support plans that favor U.S. Citizens over the government, business entities & immigrants. Improving infrastructure while protecting animals and the environment is essential.

James Allan is 100% Tea Party and joins in with other non libertarian Tea Party members and groups to expose bad elected representatives and other political parties that try to steer the U.S. away from what's real and what works to provide U.S. citizens with the ways and means to live their lives in a way that's enjoyable to them without causing harm to themselves or others.


Please Visit And Join Our "Tea Party Command Center" Tea Party Group


Please Visit And Join Our Tea Party Command Center Republican Party Group


The On Going 4 Principles Of True Conservatism At This Place In Time Are:

* "U.S. Citizens First" over illegal aliens and illegal aliens removed as a correction to what bad politicians should have never let happen in the first place. Illegal aliens knew when they came to the U.S. they would be illegal so it only goes to show they know they will be deported at some time. Nobody asked illegal aliens to come to the U.S. only for the reason of them escaping the economic messes they themselves created and are creating in the U.S.. Illegal aliens coming to the U.S. only to make a better life for themselves? Why don't they stay in their own country and force there governments to make them first in their own countries as U.S. citizens had to do and have to do now.

* A U.S. government that doesn't wildly spend taxpayer money that bankrupts the United States into a communist nation dependent on the government. The libertarians John Boehner and Paul Ryan proved libertarians will spend wildly by giving Barack Obama trillions of dollars to spend as he wishes. Libertarians only support cutting the budget so they will have money to spend on libertarian ideology.

* A government that keeps all the B.S. out of the U.S. civilian population domestic and foreign. Doesn't let government officials hop in bed with business and create the libertarian "Business Communism". A government that extinguishes itself before government rises up with B.S. over the demands and wants of U.S. citizens with normal realistic mentalities.  

* A government that's for and lets U.S. citizens drive up wages through a huge demand for workers and lowers legal immigration to the 1960's level. Let U.S. citizens make money freely for themselves as long as everything is legal and doesn't harm others.



North Las Vegas, NV

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James Allan posted a discussion
I wrote this article during Obama's reign of terror in 2014. This article still holds water to this day as Biden gets ready to start a war with Russia. Everyone needs to read…
Jan 28, 2022
James Allan posted a blog post
The democraps not being able to hide their real goal and self is the Republican party's end game. This was and is our Republican party goal, get rid of the libertarian republican RINO'S and "expose the democraps" to make them run on communism they…
Nov 1, 2020
James Allan posted a blog post
Absolutely! When A Supreme Court Seat Comes Open We Are Going To Fill It ASAP The democrats are spitting out this and that's as reasons why the Republicans should not be filling Ginsburg's open Supreme Court Seat until after the election. The…
Oct 18, 2020
James Allan posted a discussion
Back in the 1990's the republican party had no idea the democrats had turned to communism because it was so well covered up. You know, "The More People You Can Bull Shit The More Votes You Can Get". Even to this day with the communist values the…
Oct 16, 2020
James Allan posted a blog post
I've been a member for a while but havn't been back here since Sept. of 2019. It looks like the script was changed and I have to learn how to navigate this site all over again. The founders did an excellent job re-designing it. OK, I'll now help…
Oct 16, 2020
James Allan posted a blog post
Hello Mr. President, Of course I hope this letter reaches you Mr. President Donald Trump though word of mouth or stumble upon in your busy days. It's kinda fun writing to you Mr. President even if you don't get the message leaving me to my pretend…
Sep 10, 2019
James Allan posted a blog post
Here's a new article I have written that explains why business and all of our failed politicians have been running towards immigrants and letting U.S. Citizen wallow in failure.All the information in this article is fact. Most likely the culprits of…
Aug 30, 2019
James Allan posted a blog post
This social networking entity has been developing for over 10 years and nobody knows about it. After reading much literature on it my understanding it is a playground for social communists.I keep looking around for social networking web sites where…
Aug 24, 2019
James Allan posted a blog post
There's a new "Lung Disease" appearing with people whom vape. All the news anchors are playing it up as a problem of vaping and it just may be. I am writing this article in a hope that these medical professionals will first look at the chinese…
Aug 22, 2019
James Allan posted a blog post
Yes, I've been shadow banned on Facebook and Twitter to no end. Twitter just outright hid my posts from others and Facebook shadow banned me through their new algorithm that automatically ranks people through activity. I just found out I most…
Aug 19, 2019
James Allan posted a blog post
I couldn't believe it! "Tulsi Gabbard" the democrat presidential candidate who's forced to keep quiet by her handlers blasted the favorite "Kamala Harris" with keeping people in prison for longer terms than necessary so the state of California will…
Aug 1, 2019
James Allan posted a blog post
I heard our President Donald Trump state in news reports that Robert Mueller wanted the head the FBI again in the Trump administration and Trump turned him down. Lucky for us Donald Trump had the moxy to turn his request down. We now know about the…
Jul 24, 2019

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  • Facebook just put me in jail for 30 days for commenting in someone else's post that all muslims need to be deported :) I'm done on Facebook until Nov. 15th.
  • Facebook will not let me have an account and they will not tell me why, I get a new e mail and they still will not let me have an account


  • Welcome James,

    Help us save our country by getting rid of the, handitarded liberal DemoNcRATs, politically correct, illegal immigrants, Republicans In Name Only, dog ass muslim terrorists.


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