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  • Can not reply on the link topic page but - I have seen the Griffin video before.

    Let me say this - I am more aware than most as one of my relatives attended the Jekyll island meeting in fact he was the proniciple author of the Federal Reserve system. Here is a debunk of the Griffin myths . . He is wrong about Ron Paul also - as a Texan I knew him - Mr Pork for real.

    Debunking Federal Reserve Conspiracy Theories from "The Creature From Jekyll Island"
    If you're ever going to discuss the real concerns about the Federal Reserve, these are myths to avoid spewing otherwise you'll be seen ...
  • thank you ill try to be to be at my best you seem to hve a good understanding of our national problems. maybe we can do something positive together> all of us.

  • Always room for one more friend! Check out FB group Future Patriots of 1776

  • With great pleasure InfoWarsTV1 : )

  • Thanks for the invitation.  We're on the same team. : )

  • It's good if InfoWars channel can get my whole story "Obama" Operation.4063703629?profile=original

  • Dear InfoWarsTV1:

    Thanks for your much appreciated comment.

    Semper Fi!


  • Dear InfoWarsTV1:

    I am honored-thanks for the invite.

    God Bless-Keep The Faith.

    Semper Fi!


  • Ask Q

    I am a very good researcher and a well read studied individual. So, presenting me with conspiracy theories about 100+ year old groups that have done nothing of consequence in those 100 years does not get much attention from me.

  •  The time has come to take our STAND and be counted once more my comrades and friends. I already donate to Freedom Works as best I can given our sorry situation you know what I mean?

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